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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

Page 738

(and also, we hope, the 'UK) as result of Big Five consultation on
situation in Palestine pursuant to SC resolution of March 5.
   Please immediately call on Foreign Minister (repeated for action
 also to Paris as 856, Nanking as 414) and leave with him a copy of
 this working paper, pointing out that it is yet a draft but that its
 main points have support of this govt.
   You should orally add that, as was made clear in Amb. Austin's
 statement to SC, Feb. 24, US makes strong distinction 'between wide
 powers and obligation of SC under Charter to maintain international
 peace and security and its "lack of any Charter authorization to use
 force to carry out 'a political recommendation or decision. We believe
 it should be made clear at this time that plan recommended by GA
 for partition of Palestine with economic union is an integral plan
 which cannot succeed unless each of its parts can be carried out. Pales-
 tine Commission, Mandatory Power, Jewish Agency, and Arab Higher
 Commit-tee have indicated that partition plan cannot be implemented
 by peaceful means under present conditions. This being so, the SC is
 not in a position to go ahead with efforts to implement the plan. In
 particular, SC has no constitutional authority to enforce partition.
   US believes that simultaneously with such SC action as may be
necessary to bring about an effective truce in Palestine at earliest prac-
ticable moment special session of GA should immediately convene to
establish a temporary trusteeship for Palestine without prejudice to
eventual settlement of problem of independence for that country. We
have not come to a decision 'as to what authority should administer
this trusteeship and invite views of FonMin whether a direct UN
trusteeship, or one administered by a single Power or several Powers
jointly, would be preferable.
   Please suggest to FonMin that if he concurs with this 'Govt's position
immediate instructions be telegraphed to his Govt's representatives on
SC which next meets to consider this problem Friday morning,
Mar. 19.2
   Repeated to USUN as 143.
  2 MichaelR. Wright, Superintending Under-Secretary of State in the British
Foreign Office informed an Embassy officer on March 19 of instructions sent
Sir Alexander Cadogan authorizing him to "inform suitable delegations
while it would not be in accord with consistent policy H-MG to offer comments
details working paper, HM G has always made it clear -HMG would welcome any
effort to arrive at a settlement by an agreement with Arabs and Jews, and
therefore 1IIMG views with symparthy the present move 'owards this end."
garding a possible British role in drafting -a trusteeship agreement, Mr.
stated that the British Government wogld "place its knowledge and experience
re Palestine 'at disposal UN... but HMG itself would neither draft agreement
nor assume responsibility for it." (Telegram 1138, March 19, 3 p. m.,
London, 501.BB Palestine/3-1948)

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