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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Eastern Europe; The Soviet Union

Multilateral relations,   pp. 1-732 PDF (280.9 MB)

Page 195

                   AID TO GREECE AND TURKEY                   195
   Following cables:
     Patsu 116                       Gama 1329
     Ustap 142                       Amag 1652
     War 92385                       War 92306
     Tusag 626
  Draft "Basis for Future US Military Aid to Greece"5
  'None of the cables is found attached; but there are attached two drafts
"Basis for Future US Military Aid to Greece". Both drafts contain
notations that they were superseded by the version used in telegram Gama
December 6, p. 209.
Report by the Policy Planning Staff on United States Aid to Greece'
SECRET,                        [WASHINGTON,] November 24 1948.
PPS 44
  The following Policy Planning Staff paper: "Report on U.S. Aid
to Greece", was prepared by a working group consisting of Gordon P.
Merriam of the Staff, Chairman; Colonel Edwarn [Edwin?] A.
Walker, Department of the Army; and Charles E. Marshall, Eco-
nomic Cooperation Administration.
  The assignment of the group was to examine the U.S. aid program
to Greece in the light of the existing security, economic and political
situation in that country.
                 REPORT ON U.S. AID TO GREECE
  1. A Committee consisting of Colonel Edwarn [Edwin?] A.
Walker, Plans and Operations, Department of the Army; Charles E.
Marshall, Program Coordination Division, Economic Cooperation
Administration; and Gordon P. Merriam, Policy Planning Staff, De-
partment of State, heard the following persons between October 20
and 26 in the order listed:
    Messrs: Nuveen, Chief, ECA Mission to Greece; Coombs, ECA;
            Coleman, ECA; McGhee, U/GT; Jernegan, GTI;
            Baxter, GTI; Thompson, EUR; Barbour, SE.
 1 T)rafted by an ad hoc committee of representatives of the Department of
Army, the Economic Cooperation Administration and the Policy Planning Staff
under Mr. Kennan's general direction. Its purpose "was to evolve an
statement of policy which would give uniform direction to our economic, military
and political efforts in Greece at this time." Mr. Kennan transmitted
the paper
to Mr. Lovett for approval in a memorandum of November 24, which noted that
the paper was being sent simultaneously to Mr. Hoffman for his approval

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