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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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gave it a big play (Harsch omits mention of Muggeridge, but Miall in-
sists he should share the credit). And so the Marshall plan was com-
municated to Mr. Bevin 18 by the BBC (and possibly the Daily Tele-
graph) since the Foreign Office-Embassy, London Times and other ave-
nues of communication were uninterested in it.
  I have many times been asked whether the Department did not advise
US missions abroad and/or foreign missions here of the importance
which it attached to the speech. As far as I have gathered, without put-
ting any effort into it, the answer is no. Asked why not, I have had no
  These random jottings are perhaps not worth recording. I record
them just the same to help light the lamp of memory for my old age,
waiting for me around the corner.
                                                 C. P. KINDLEBERGER
  18 Ernest Bevin, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
Lot 64 D 563, Box 20027
Memorandum Prepared for the Use of the Under Secretary of State
                  for Economic Affairs (Clayton)1
SECRET                                    [WASHINGTON, June 1947.]
  We Americans are deeply concerned over the production and ex-
change difficulties which you people in Europe are experiencing.
  We had hoped that the outside aid which your countries have already
received would have sufficed, together with the facilities of the agencies
which have now been established for international financial assistance,
to bring you to a point where your import requirements could be
  'An early draft of this memorandum was prepared in Mr. Acheson's morning
meeting of June 5, 1947. A revision of the above dated June 9, 1947, bears
following notation: "Mr. Secretary: The attached memorandum contains
gestions as to the line it would be advisable for Mr. Clayton to take in
with representatives of European Governments the question of further American
aid to Europe.
  "This memorandum has been concurred in by Mr. Acheson and Mr. Lovett.-
George F. Kennan." Secretary Marshall in a chit made the following comments:
"Dear Lovett: It seems to me that this statement indicates too much
American cash and too little of European organization, however elementary,
facilitate the European states in helping themselves and in making it possible
American aid to be more effective.-GCM." Mr. Lovett, then a Special
to the Secretary, redrafted the memo and said: "Mr. Secretary, I have
taken a
crack at rewriting this memo which is designed for use by Mr. Clayton as
reminder of the points to be covered in any conversations he has on this
Do the changes meet your views? The first draft is attached for comparison.-
L." (Lot 64 D 563, Box 20042, 1947 Chron File)
  The Lovett draft was revised by Secretary Marshall and this revision is
here. It bears the notation "O.K. as amended G.C.M."
  Under Secretary Clayton arrived in London for talks with British officials
which began on June 24,1947.

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