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Foreign Relations of the United States

Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Far East: China


United States Department of State
Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Far East: China
Volume VII
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1947

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[Title page] Foreign relations of the United States, 1947: volume VII. The Far East: China, pp. [I]-[II]

Preface, Franklin, William M. pp. III-IV

Contents, pp. V-VI

Political and military situation in China, pp. 1-422

Reports on the situation in Formosa (Taiwan), particularly respecting Formosan dissatisfaction with administrative policies of the Chinese government, pp. 423-480

Representations by the United States regarding the status of the port of Dairen; failure of Sino-Soviet negotiations to allow occupation of Dairen by Chinese government, pp. 481-545

Unsuccessful attempts to resolve political problems in Sinkiang; extent of Soviet aid and encouragement to rebel groups in Sinkiang; border incident at Peitashan, pp. 546-587

Status of Tibet; Tibetan trade mission, pp. 588-608

Council of Foreign Ministers meeting at Moscow: United States opposition to placing China question on agenda; exchange of views between the United States and the Soviet Union regarding withdrawal of troops from China, pp. 609-628

Consideration of withdrawal of American consular officers from cities in danger of communist occupation, pp. 629-634

Mission to China of Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer to appraise the political, economic, psychological, and military situation, pp. 635-784

Military aid to China: Chinese requests for ammunition and military matériel and equipment; lifiting of embargo on arms shipments to China; attempts to speed flow of supplies to China, pp. 785-941

United States naval aid to China: Continued withdrawal of United States marines and turnover of abandoned ammunition to Chinese government; incidents affecting American personnel; negotiations of agreement for transfer of naval vessels to China, pp. 942-988

Problems respecting repatriation of Japanese still remaining in China, particularly in Manchuria, pp. 989-998

Discussions regarding proposed Sino-American cooperative mapping agreement, pp. 999-1003

Exchange of notes terminating the Sino-American special technical cooperative agreement of April 15, 1943, pp. 1004-1006

Request by the Chinese government for an American adviser on civil aeronautics, pp. 1007-1017

Negotiations between the United States and China respecting joint effort in the exploration of China for minerals of importance in the atomic energy programs of the two goverments, pp. 1018-1029

Financial relations between the United States and China: Chinese requests for financial assistance; representations regarding fixing of an equitable rate of exchange for expenditures by American armed forces and diplomatic establishment in China; interest of the United States in Chinese measures to protect its economy from a violently inflationary situation, pp. 1030-1241

Problems arising in the implementation of the surplus property agreement of August 30, 1946, pp. 1242-1262

Agreement between the United States and China respecting the United States Educational Foundation in China, signed at Nanking, November 10, 1947, pp. 1263-1292

Agreement between the United States and China regarding relief assistance to China, signed October 27, 1947, pp. 1293-1357

Representations regarding impact of Chinese tax laws and regulations on American consular property, pp. 1358-1361

Representations by the embassy in China regarding discriminatory provisions of Chinese income tax law and regulations, pp. 1362-1368

Interest of the United States in conditions for American participation in economic development of China, pp. 1369-1383

Representations regarding the reregistration of American real property rights in China, pp. 1384-1406

Problems with respect to liquidation of assets in the former International Settlement at Shanghai and the Diplomatic Quarter at Peiping, pp. 1407-1422

Request of Chinese government for revision of the Sino-American air transport agreement of December 20, 1946, pp. 1423-1427

Establishment of an executive office in the embassy in China to enable the ambassador to exercise over-all supervision and coordination of basic policies governing official American activities in China, pp. 1428-1438

Representations regarding release of Major Robert B. Rigg and Captain John W. Collins, assistant military attachés in China, captured by Chinese communist armed forces in Manchuria, pp. 1439-1448

Index, pp. [1449]-1477 ff.


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