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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Japan,   pp. 777-1477 PDF (267.6 MB)

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Britain to the United States Air Forces expanded to cover appro---
priate requirements of the Army and Navy. Under this understanding,
Japan would furnish-
  Real estate rental for all real estate utilized by the United Statesý
forces (to be listed in Annex A).3
  Free use of facilities jointly used (such as airfields and port facili-
ties not listed in Annex A).
  Free rail, truck and bus transportation of freight and of personnel
travelling on official business.
  Should any major change occur in the general type of assistance-
furnished in other sovereign countries prior to the signing of the Ad-
ministrative Agreement, the United States representatives will propose-
appropriate changes in Annex B.
   Lettered annexes to this document not found in Department of State files.
(The projected clauses may not yet have been drafted.)
                          Editorial Note
  Prime Minister Sidney G. Holland of New Zealand visited Wash-
ington February 5-10, 1951.
  Telegram 149 to Wellington, February 10, was a summary of talksR
held during the Prime Minister's visit. In it the Department stated
in part:
  "In discussion [of a Japanese peace] treaty, Rusk indicated diffi-
culties which Holland understood: onus on US if responsible for polic-
ing restrictions Jap rearmament, also Commie bid Jap support in such
event, present Jap disarmament sentiment, difficulty US indefinitely-
committing forces defend Jap view obvious ability contribute own
  "Holland indicated problems security, non-restrictive Jap treaty
more acute Aus where strong polit issue, contrast NZ." (694.001/2-
Lot 5GD527
  AMemorandum of Conversation, by the-Deputy to the Consultant'
           (Allison) at-the ifalacanan Palace, 10:45 a. m.
CONFIDENTIAL                            MANILA, February 12, 195L
Participants: President Quirino
               Ambassador Dulles
               Ambassador Cowen
               Felino Neri, Acting Foreign Minister
               Colonel C. S. Babcock, United States Army
               John M. Allison

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