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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1950. East Asia and the Pacific

The China area,   pp. 256-689 PDF (175.7 MB)

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sources of ultimate outcome of conflict, sentiment will develop in India
that GOI has chosen wrong side.
      The Charge in China (Strong) to the Secretary of State
CONFIDENTIAL                          TAIPEI, July 10, 1950-noon.
  34. For Department use only. No distribution. Call on Gen-
eralissimo July 8 was pleasant, lasting 75 minutes. Present also ,were
Mme. Chiang, Admiral Kwei and Ho Shih-li. Shen Chang-huan~g
  Generalissimo showed real pleasure at Admiral Struble's presence
in Formosa1I and in my call. Was interested in Korean developments
and in strength of Seventh Fleet in Formosa area.
  Discussed briefly question of liaison and stated had ordered Chou
Chih-jou and Chinese Navy and CAF give full cooperation (which
Chou and Kwei have done). Brought up question of reconnaissance of
Chinese Conununist coastal areas and was assured by Admiral Struble
that such reconnaissance essential to defense and not objected to.
Generalissimo warned against surprise air attack on US vessels and
predicted that Communists still intended attack, and would have to do
so withlin next 40 days, attack probably at earlier date within this
period rather than later; disagree with Admiral Cooke2 who believed
Communists abandoned invasion plans; Communist preparations for
attack completed; Chinese Communists would attack even though they
knew they could not win. Nationalists had suffered many defeats in
past but learned many lessons.
  Admiral Struble indicated need and desire return Formosa near
future in order firm up liaison details. Generalissimo recalled that he
took over Formosa as Allied Commander of Chinese theater pending
peace -treaty while General MacArthur took over Japan and other
areas ,as SCAP; now Chinese government was here, but he hoped
despite this fact Struble would not feel he coming to foreign territory
in visiting Formosa. He stated he has special regard for and real
friendship with each US naval commander in Far East; admired Navy
particularly because they always willing come to help of friends in
   Call of 40 minutes on Chen Cheng passed in exchange of pleasantries
  'Vice Adm. Arthur D. Struble was Commander of the United States Seventh
  'Adm. Charles M. Cooke, U.S. Navy (ret.), former Commander of the Seventh
Fleet, was in Formosa in a private capacity; see footnote 4 to telegram 181,
August 3, from Taipei, p3. 4'13.

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