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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

Page 1308

text of a note concerning Palestinian refugees set by the Arab Higher
Committee (AHC) to the Secretary 'Genieral of the Arab League.2
  The AHC categorically rejects proposals that Arab refugees be
returned to Jewish controlled areas, arguing that to do so would:
  1. "Constitute a recognition of the imaginary Jewish state."
  2. Place the refugees at the mercy ofý the Jews as vit-ual hostages.
  3. Permit -the Jews toexploit the refugees in a political sense, pos-
sibly winning their votes in.alikelypbiscite.
  4. Place the refugees0on the. marginal fringe of the Jewish economy.
  In addition to arguing against -the return of the refugees to Pales-
tine, the AJIC presents: its own suggestions -for the solution of. the
refugee problem. In brief, these callIfor centralized handling of the
situation, financial assistance from the Arab countries and the Inter-
national Refugee Organization, dispatch of men "capable of carrying
arms" to Palestine "in the defense of their country," and
the estab-
lishment of refugee camps in Arab parts of Palestine.
  The tenor of the entire note reflects the irreconciled position of the
AHC that the struggle against Zionism must continue unabated.
  Although eventually published, it is worthy of note that this docu-
ment was 'at first suppressed by the Syrian authorities. A reliable in-
formant who saw the orginal AHC release states that the newspaper
version used in preparing the Legation's translation is complete and
accurate except for the omission of an introductory paragraph of no
great significance.                        [JAMES H. KEELEY, JR.]
   Not printed; the text was taken from the August,12 issue of Al Feyha'.
501.BB Palestlne/8-948: Telegram
   The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom
TOP SECRET                    WASHINGTON, August 13, 1948-1 p. m.
  3,208. For the Ambassador. You will be interested to know in light
of your 3590, August 9,' that the Secretary on August 9 received Dr.
Ralph Bunche, Personal Representative of UN SYG, who is No. 2
on Count Bern, adotte's team in Palestine.2 Bunche 'called for purpose of
giving Secretary Bernadotte's views as to immediate requirements of
Mediator and -his tentative notions as to ;long-range settlement of
Palestine problem.
  Although Bernadotte would have preferred 'a regular UN armed
guard for Jerusalem he suggested 'a8 alternative that corps of military
observers supplied by Belgium, France and US be 'augmented by 300
  'Not printed.
  2 Theremaining participants in the conversation were Andrew Cordier,
Executive Assistant to Secretary-Geneial Lie, Fraser Wilkins, and Robert
McC'lintock, 'the last of whom prepared the memorandum oý conversation
(501.BB Palestine/8-948).

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