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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States: diplomatic papers, 1945. General : political and economic matters

Acquisition of materials for use in the development of the atomic bomb; efforts to establish a system of international control of atomic energy,   pp. 1-98 PDF (36.0 MB)

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sible measures of international control (The New World, 1939/1946,
pages 347-371).]
SCI Files
     Minutes of a Meeting of the Combined Policy Committee
                                      [WASHINGTON,] July 4, 1945.
  Members: The Secretary of War, Chairman
              Field Marshal Sir Henry Maitland Wilson
              The Hon. C. D. Howe
              Dr. Vannevar Bush
  By Invitation: The Right Hon. The Earl of Halifax
                   Sir James Chadwick
                   Major General L. R. Groves
                   Mr. George Harrison 28
  Joint Secretaries: Mr. Harvey H. Bundy
                     Mr. Roger Makins29
3. Use of Weapon Against Third Parties.
  FIELD MARSHAL WILSON stated that the British Government con-
curred in the use of the T. A. weapon against Japan. He added that
-the Prime Minister might wish to discuss this matter with the Presi-
dent at the forthcoming meeting in Berlin.30
  The Comnmittee.-Took note that the Governments of the United
Kingdom and the United States had agreed that T. A. weapons should
be used by the United States against Japan, the agreement of the
British Government having been communicated by Field Marshal
Sir Henry Maitland Wilson.
-4. Disclosure of Information by the Two Governments on the Use
    of the Weapon.
  THE CHAIRMAN said there were two conclusions:
  1. The scientific principle of the weapon would inevitably be known
as soon as it is used, and other countries would understand that one
of three or four processes had been employed.
  28 Special Consultant to the Secretary of War.
  29British Minister in Washington.
  30 Reference is to the Potsdam Conference, July 16-August 2, 1945; for
references to documentation on this subject, see Foreign Relations, The Con-
ference of Berlin (The Potsdam Conference), 1945, vol. i, Index, entries
Japan, p. 1072; ibid., vol. ii, Index, entries under Atomic energy, p. 1604,
Japan, p. 1623. (This publication is hereinafter referred to as Conference
Berlin (Potsdam).)

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