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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 5, 1905

Turkey,   pp. 875-911 PDF (14.3 MB)

Page 885

 TURKEY. 885 
The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Minister Leishinan. 
 MR. MINISTER: I have had the honor to receive the note which your excellency
was good enough to address to me under date of September 4 last, No. 591,
in relation to the difficulties which were raised by the customs authorities
of Constantinople to the entry of American typewriting machines. 
 According to the information furnished by the "administration générale
des contributions indirectes" no obstacle has been raised on this score.
In fact, 21 machines which arrived the 10/23 May last, addressed to Mr. Biat,
have been delivered. Very recently, also, 13 more cases containing these
machines have arrived at the customs, but since the necessary bill of lading
has not been produced and the consignee has not made application to the cus
toms authorities the latter have naturally not been able to proceed with
the regular exami nation. 
 As soon as he applies the usual formalities will he fulfilled, and after
it has been shown by examination that the said machines are such as are employed
in commercial houses and not lithographic machines for large work used exclusively
in printing establishments they also will he delivered. 
 Please accept, etc. TEWFIK, 
Minister Leishman to the Secretary of State. 
No. 1145.]        AMERICAN LEGATION, 
 Constantinople, September 4, 1905. 
 Sin: I have to report another case of arrest by the Turkish police of a
naturalized citizen of Ottoman origin, more aggravated than the one reported
in my dispatch (No. 1139), of August 28, 1905, as the police first tried
to hide the fact that the man claimed American nationality and when confronted
with evidence showing that the man was the bearer of an American passport
flatly refused to allow the consul to examine the man. 
 From information that has reached the consulate it appears that the man's
name is Charles Vartanian and that he is the bearer of a passport issued
by the Department of State in May or April last (No. 101639,) and at the
time of his arrest was heard by bystanders to have declared himself to be
an American citizen. 
 As the police officials declined to allow the consul to examine the man,
it is impossible for me at this time to express an intelligent opinion as
to whether the man is the bona fide holder of an American passport or whether
it has been obtained by fraudulent means or borrowed for the occasion; but
there is reason to believe that he was associated with Afarian, the man reported
in my dispatch No. 1139, and that both these men are members of the Armenian
revolutionary committee. 
 The charge upon which Vartanian was arrested can not be disputed, as he
was caught red-handed in the act of killing a rich Armenian named Apik Effendi
Ounjian, who it appears had refused to submit to the demands made upon him
for a large subscription to the Armenian revolutionary cause. 
a Not printed. 

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