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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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country. Question is not, it seems to me, one of submitting bizonal
production program to Paris or permitting it to be discussed there,
for both of these steps have already been taken.
   3. Question seems rather to be one of participation of US Govern-
ment representative aided of course by OMGUS staff in discussions
on behalf US zone Germany in order that our program may be
defended and that other countries may have an opportunity of point-
ing out to US as they will to each other changes in our program which
would in their judgment contribute to reducing overall bill or to
facilitating economic recovery of Europe as whole. Do not believe that
in absence US delegate UK representatives are, or are considered by
Paris conferees to be, adequate spokesmen for whole bizonal area.
  4. To hold ourselves aloof from such give-and-take cannot help but
encourage other participants to consider that their national plans
and requirements should be accepted without examination or discus-
sion. While we perhaps need not take the lead, neither should we hang
back. We cannot in my view too promptly make it clear that we are
prepared to participate in any overall program of critical analysis
affecting all countries alike, though reserving, as each country must,
the right of final decision in the light of all the evidence.
  5. I recognize that US zone participation may carry implication
that US is contributing directly and is accordingly committed to any
program which may be formulated at Paris Conference but this danger
can, I believe, be minimized, even completely removed.
  6. Clay will arrive tomorrow morning. Will discuss this further with
him and request him to transmit his views.
  Repeated to Geneva 121 for Clayton and Paris 469 for Caffery.
840.50 Recovery/8-2247
Memorandum by Lt. Col. Charles H. Bonesteel, III, Special Assistant
             to the Under Secretary of State (Lovett)
SECRET                                   [WASHINGTON, undated.]
                        AUGUST 22, 1947
                Present:    C-Mr. Bohlen
                          S/P-Mr. Kennan
                          Leh-Mr. Gross
                          EUR-Mr. Hickerson
                          EUR-Mr. Jackson
                          GA-Mr. Kindleberger
                          PA-Mr. Swihart
                            U-Mr. Bonesteel

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