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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1958-1960. American Republics

General United States policy toward Latin America,   pp. 1-143 PDF (54.4 MB)

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1.    Editorial Note
    On May 9, the Board Assistants of the Operations Coordinating
Board (OCB) reviewed a draft "Report on Latin America (NSC 5613/
1)," dated April 30, prepared by the OCB's Working Group on Latin
America. Suggested changes were incorporated into a revised draft,
submitted to the OCB under date of May 12. (Record of Actions at
Board Assistants' Meeting, May 12; Department of State, S/S-OCB
Files: Lot 62 D 430)
    The Operations Coordinating Board discussed the draft report at a
formal meeting on May 21, and took the following actions. First, it
revised the draft in light of recent developments in Latin America,
particularly Vice President Richard M. Nixon's trip to South America,
April 27-May 15, and concurred in its transmission to the National
Security Council (NSC), with the understanding that the NSC's Execu-
tive Secretary, James S. Lay, Jr., would arrange with appropriate agen-
cies for the "further revision of the paper in accordance with the
Board's general agreement." Second, it agreed to recommend NSC
review of NSC 5613/1, because of difficulties encountered in the
implementation of the policy, the impact of possible Congressional
actions pursuant to the Vice President's trip, and such recommenda-
tions that he might make. Third, it concurred in a Treasury request to
retain more precisely defined split decisions in the report, if such
decisions were not readily eliminated during the course of further
revision. Finally, it noted that the split decision in the draft report
concerning basic commodity problems already had been eliminated by
recent action of the Council on Foreign Economic Policy (CFEP), au-
thorizing the Department of State, as an exception to established pol-
icy, to participate in discussion of an international coffee agreement.
(Minutes of OCB Meeting, approved May 28; ibid.)
    NSC 5613/1, "U.S. Policy Toward Latin America," was approved
by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on September 25, 1956; for text,
see Foreign Relations, 1955-1957, vol. VI, page 119.
   ' Continued from Foreign Relations, 1955-1957, volumes vi and vii. For
tion on U.S. relations with Cuba, see volume vi.

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