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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1958-1960. American Republics

List of abbreviations,   pp. XXI-XXVI PDF (1.9 MB)

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List of Abbreviations
ACSI, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelli-
AD, Acci6n Democratica (Democratic Ac-
  tion Party), Venezuela
ADU, Acci6n Democratica Unitas (United
  Democratic Action), Nicaraguan politi-
  cal group
AEC, Atomic Energy Commission
AFCIN, Air Force Intelligence
AFL, American Federation of Labor
AFL-CIO, American Federation of La-
  bor-Congress of Industrial Organiza-
AFP (A&FP), American and Foreign
  Power Company
ALCOA, Aluminum Company of
ANDE, Administraci6n Nacional de Elec-
  tricidad (National Administration of
  Electricity), Uruguay
AP, Associated Press
APRA, Alianza Popular Revolucionaria
Americana (American Popular Revolu-
  tionary Alliance), Peruvian political
ARA, Bureau of Inter-American Affairs,
  Department of State
ARA/REA, Office of Inter-American Eco-
  nomic Affairs, Bureau of Inter-American
  Affairs, Department of State
ARMA, Army Attache
ASW, anti-submarine warfare
AV, Aviation Division, Department of
BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle
BMEWS, Ballistic Missile Early Warning
BNDE, Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento
  Economico (National Bank for Economic
  Development), Brazil
C, Counselor of the Department of State
CA, Central America
CA, circular airgram
CAB, Civil Aeronautics Board
CABEI, Central American Bank for Eco-
  nomic Integration
CADE, Compaiia Argentina de Electricidad
  (Electric Company of Argentina)
Cahto, seris indicator for telegrams from
  Secretary of State Herter while away
  from Washington
CAIRC, Caribbean Air Command
CAP, Corporaci6n Argentina de Productores
  de Carnes (Argentine Meat Producers
CARE, Cooperative for American Remit-
  tances to Everywhere, until July 30,
  1958; thereafter Cooperative for Ameri-
  can Relief to Everywhere
CCC, Commodity Credit Corporation,
  Department of Agriculture
CFEP, Council on Foreign Economic Pol-
CG, Commanding General; Consulate
CGS, Confederaci6n General de Sindicatos
  (General Confederation of Trade Un-
  ions), El Salvador
CGT, Confederaci6n General del Trabajo
  (General Confederation of Labor) Ar-
CGTS, Confederaci6n General de
  Trabajadores Salvadorenos (General Con-
  federation of Salvadoran Workers)
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
CIVI, Corpo Identification, Vigilancia, y In-
  vestigacion (Identification, Vigilance,
  and Investigation Corps), Peru
CINC, Commander in Chief
CINCARIB, Commander in Chief, Carib-
CIO, Congress of Industrial Organizations
cirtel, circular telegram
CMA, Office of Caribbean-Mexican Af-
  fairs, Bureau of Inter-American Affairs,
  Department of State
COAS, Council of the Organization of
  American States

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