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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. East Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. XI-XV ff. PDF (1.7 MB)

Page XI

 Editor's Note-This list does not include standard abbreviations in common
 unusual abbreviations of rare occurrence which are clarified at appropriate
and those abbreviations and contractions which, although uncommon, are under-
standable from the context.
AA, anti-aircraft
AAA, anti-aircraft artillery
AC&W, aircraft and warning
ACSP, Asian Collective Security Pact
AFP, Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFPFL, Anti-Fascist People's Freedom
ALUSNA, United States Naval Attache
Aneta, Algemeen Nieuws en Telegraaf
Agentschan, a semi-official Dutch
news agency
Antara, Indonesian news agency
ANZAM, Australia, New Zealand, and
ANZUS, Australia, New Zealand, and
United States
AOP, aerial observation
AP, Associated Press
AV/AVP, seaplane tender/small sea-
plane tender
BNA, Office of British Commonwealth
and Northern European Affairs, De-
  partment of State
BSM, British Services Mission (in
BURM, Burma, Burmese
BWPP, Burmese Workers' and Peas-
  ant's Party
C, Office of the Counselor of the De-
  partment of State
C/S, Chief of Staff
CA/CL, heavy cruiser/light cruiser
CAT, Civil Air Transport
CCAF, Chinese Communist Air Force
CERP, Comprehensive Economic Re-
  porting Program
CEV MC, Churchill-Eden Visit, Memo-
  randum of Conversation
CF, Conference File
CFM, Council of Foreign Ministers
Chi, Chinese
Chi Commie(s), Chinese Communist(s)
ChiNats, Chinese Nationalists
CHINCOM, China Committee, a perma-
nent working group of the Paris Con-
sultative Group of nations working to
control export of strategic goods to
Communist countries
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
c.i.f., cost, insurance, and freight
CIGS, Chief of the Imperial General
CINCFE, Commander in Chief, Far
CINCPAC, Commander in Chief, Pacif-
CINCPACFLT, Commander in Chief,
U.S. Pacific Fleet
CINCUNC, Commander in Chief,
United Nations Command
COCOM, Coordinating Committee of
the Paris Consultative Group of na-
tions working to control export of
strategic goods to Communist coun-
commo, communication
COMNAVCOM, Commander, Naval
COMNAVPHIL, Commander, U.S.
  Naval Forces in the Philippines
COMPHILCOM, Commander, U.S.
  Forces in the Philippines
ConGen, Consul General
CPR, Chinese People's Republic
CRIK, Civilian Relief in Korea
CRO, Commonwealth Relations Office
  (United Kingdom)
CVA, attack aircraft carrier
CVS/CVL/CVE, anti-submarine war-
  fare support aircraft carrier/small
  aircraft carrier/escort aircraft carrier
DD/DDR/DDE, destroyer/radar picket
  destroyer/escort destroyer
del, delegation
Depcirtel, Department of State circular
Deptel, Department telegram

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