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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

Indonesia,   pp. 583-776 PDF (76.1 MB)

Page 583

Memorandum .by the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern
Affairs (Rusk) to the Deputy Under Secretary of State (Matthews)
SECRET                            [WAsHInGTON,] January-4, 1951.
Subject: Netherlands New Guinea
  The consequences of the impasse at The Hague Conference on the
future status of Netherlands New Guinea are beginning to become
apparent in Indonesia.2 In his telegram 870 of- January 3,3 Ambassa-
dor Cochran reports that he has been informed that the Indonesian
Cabinet has decided to communicate a statement to the Netherlands
covering the following points:
  (1) The Indonesian Government regrets the deadlock reached at
The Hague Conference on Netherlands New Guinea;
   (2) The Indonesian Government is willing to resume discussion on
the basis of transfer of sovereignty over Netherlands New Guinea to
   (3) The Indonesian Government finds the situation within the
Union so troubled by the question of Netherlands New Guinea, in-
cluding the occupation of the territory of one Union partner by the
other, that unless the Netherlands Government is willing to resume
conversations on the basis of point two above, the Indonesian Govern-
ment must [because of deep-seated public resentment which the pres-
ent Government has tried to resist] reconsider its position with re-
spect to the Union statute and other phases of the RTC agreement.4
  Ambassador Cochran reports additionally that Parliament might
proceed With discussion of the above statement and that a vote of
confidence might come thereon without awaiting a reaction of the
Netherlands 'Government. Ambassador Cochran reports that' Parlia-'
mentary action may effect the statement outlined above but the Indo-
nesian Government, after consultation with Parliamentary leaders,
feels it will have the support of its Assembly on such a statement.
   For previous.documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. vi, pp.
964 ff.
   F2 dooumentation, see ibid., pp. 1100 ff.
   'Not printed.
   'For documentation, see ibid., 1949, vol. vii, Part 1, pp. 474 ff.

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