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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. The United Nations; the Western Hemisphere

Canada,   pp. 870-924 PDF (21.2 MB)

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         The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Canada
RESTRICTED                          WASHINGTON, February 19, 1951.
No. 134
  The Secretary of State refers to the Department's instruction No. 89,
-dated December 15, 1950, and to the Embassy's despatch No. 970 of
February 1, 1951,2 concerning surveys by the United States Air Force
-of communications sites in Newfoundland and Labrador. As stated in
aits note No. D-41 of January 30, 1951,- the Canadian Government's
approval related only to the carrying out of surveys and the Canadian
Government was awaiting a further request from the United States for
permission to carry out the communications project.
   The Department transmits herewith a copy of a letter dated Febru-
 ary 9, 1951 from the Secretary of Defense3 explaining in detail the
 -communications facilities which the United States Air Force desires
 to construct in Newfoundland, and requesting the Department to seek
 -the approval of the Canadian Government. The attached letter also
 requests that authority be obtained to permit the Northeast Command,
 together with the Chief of the United States Army Engineers, to assist
 the Canadian Government in acquiring the privately-owned lands in-
 volved, which in turn would be incorporated in a supplementary lease
 from the Canadian Government to the United States.
   It is proposed that the conditions of the 1941 Leased Bases Agree-
 mlent4 be made applicable to the additional areas to be acquired near
   For documentation on discussions with Canada concerning the use of atomic
 -weapons and the use of Canadian bases in case of atomic warfare, see vol.
 -pp. 802 ff.
   For documentation on economic and military cooperation between the United
   States and Canada during 1950, see Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. ii, pp.
583 ff.
   Reference is to the Leased Bases Agreement of March 27, 1941, between
 -United States and the United Kingdom, in which the United Kingdom leased
 certain bases in Newfoundland to the United States for a period of 99 years.
 When Newfoundland became a part of Canada in 1949, Canada assumed the
 -commitments made by the United Kingdom in this agreement. In 1950, the
 jUnited States and Canada negotiated some revisions in the agreement, which
 -were formalized in an exchange of notes in 1952. For text of the 1941 Agreement,
 ,-see Department of State Executive Agreement Series (EAS) No. 235, or 55
 1560. For documentation on the revision of the agreement, see Foreign Relations,
 1949. vol ii, pp. 393 ff. and ibid., 1950, vol. ni, pp. 583 ff.; for the
exchange of notes
 in 1952, see United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST),
 -vol. 3, (pt 3), pp. 4271-4275.

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