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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1950. East Asia and the Pacific

Indonesia,   pp. 964-1108 PDF (62.0 MB)

Page 964

   Memorandum     by the Secretary of State to President Truman
 SECRET                               WASHINGTON, January 9, 195(0.
 Subject: Allocation of Section 303 Funds to Provide Police Equip.
     ment for the Indonesian Constabulary
   The Department of State and the Department of Defense have
 agreed that a program of military assistance for the new Indonesian
 State is needeld for purposes of providing military equipment to main-
 tain the internal security of that country against communist encroach-
 ment. (Annex A, attached, gives supporting background prepared by
 the Department of State.) The staffs of the two Departments have
 estimated that the initial amount of funds required for this purpose
 is approximately $5 million. The Department of State believes that
 for urgent political considerations this equipment should be made
 available as quickly as possible, and proposes that the funds be
 obtained under authority of Section 303 of the Mutual Defense Assist-
 ance Act of 1949.
   While the general objectives of the proposed program of military
 assistance to strengthen the Indonesian constabulary have been jointly
 agreed upon between the two Departments,'the exact content of the
 program has not yet been formulated by the staffs of the interested
 agencies. Therefore, it is re quested that the President at this time
 approve a program of military assistance to Indonesia, and that $5
 million be reserved for this purpose, under Section 303 of the Mutual
 Defense Assistance Act. As in the case of assistance to other countries
 under the Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949, it is-proposed that
 this assistance be administered by  e-the Secretary of State in consul-
 tation with the Secretary of Defense and the appropriate agencies.2
                                                    DEAN ACHESON
                              Annex A
   We are recommending immediate aid to Indonesia because that
xcountry is facing serious internal Communist threat which can best
  For previous documentation, see Foreign Relations, 1949, vol. vii, Part
1, pp.
1TD ff.
  .2Next to Secretary Acheson's signature on the source text was the hand-
written notation "Approved 1/9/50 Harry S Truman." A memorandum
of the
Secretary's meeting with President Truman ,on January 9 at which he approved
this memorandum, not printed, is in file 856D.10/1-950.

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