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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

List of abbreviations, symbols, and code names,   pp. XI-XIV PDF (1.4 MB)

Page XI

                          CODE NAMES
 Editor's Note.-This list does not include standard abbreviations in common
 usage; unusual abbreviations of rare occurrence which are clarified at appro-
priate points; and those abbreviations and contractions which, although
uncommon, are understandable from the context.
A- (plus number), airgram
A-1, -2, -3, -4, sections of an air staff
A-A, Assistant Secretary of State for
  Political Affairs, Mr. Armour
AAF, Army Air Forces (U.S.)
AC, Allied Commission
AC of S. Assistant Chief of Staff
AF, Division of African Affairs, De-
  partment of State
ACA, Allied Control Authority
AFA, Allied Financial Agency
Afem (Mefa), indicators for mes-
  sages relating to the Foreign Aid
  Act of 1947 (Public Law 389)
AFHQ, Allied Florce Headquarters
  (Mediterranean Theater)
AFL, American Federation of Labor
AFRA, Allied Forces Record Ad-
AGWar, Adjutant General, War De-
AICC, All-India Congress Committee
AMG, Allied Military Government
AMGVG, Allied Military Govern-
  ment, Venezia Giulia
AmVat, American mission at Vatican
ANFD, Alianza Nacional de Fuerzas
  Democratioas  (Spanish  political
AOA, American Overseas Airlines
APC, Allocation Policy Committee} of
  the European Coal Organization
ARAR, Azienda Rilievo Alienazione
  Residuati, the  Agency   of the
  Italian Government to receive
  surplus materiel, and to dispose
  of it on a commercial basis
ASAA, Allied Supply Accounting
ASC, Advisory Steering Committee
  on European Recovery Program
ASGI, Army Survey Group, Italy
AT, Assistant Secretary of State for
  Economic Affairs
ATC, Air Transport Command
AUS, Army of the United States
AUSA, Assistenza degli Stati Uniti
  d'America,  Assistance  of  the
  United States of America, the
  Italian designation of the U.S.
  Foreign Aid Program
BC, Division of British Common-
  wealth Affairs, Department of
Benelux, Belgium, Netherlands, Lux-
BETFor, British Element, Trieste
BMA, British Military Administration
BOAC, British Overseas Airways
BOT, Board    of   Trade   (United
BTA, British Troops, Austria
CA, Constituent Assembly, India
CAA, Civil Aeronautics Adininistra-
CBI, China-Burma-India
CCC, Commodity Credit Corporation
CCF,   Cooperative  Comnmonwealth
  Federation (Canada)
CCS, Combined Chiefs of Staff
CEEC, Committee (or Conference!) of
  European Economic Cooperation
CFM, Council of Foreign Ministers
CGIL, Confederazione Generale Itali-
  ana del Lavoro (General Confedera-
  tion of Labor in Italy)

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