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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Lithuania,   pp. 507-516 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page 507

   The Minister in Lithuania (Lane)2 to the Secretary of State
No. 427                                      RIGA, March 2, 1937.
                                             [Received March 23.]
  SIR: Referring to my despatch No. 141 of February 18, 1937 from
Kaunas,3 in the last paragraph of which I referred to my conversation
on that date with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Stasys Lozo-
raitis, I have the honor to state that one of the basic reasons for my
call on the Minister was to discuss with him the report which had
reached the Legation that the allotted number of American auto-
mobiles imported into Lithuania would not be increased by the Lith-
uanian Government despite the substantial reduction in the Lith-
uanian tariff on automobiles.
  I pointed out to Mr. Lozoraitis that in previous years the United
States had been able to import into Lithuania between 30 and 50 per
cent of the total number of automobiles marketed in Lithuania each
year. This total, however, had been small.* Owing to the reduction
in the Lithuanian automobile tariff the Legation was informed that
perhaps over 500 automobiles would be imported during the present
year, many of which would be used for government purposes. I stated
that we had been given to understand that the United States would
receive a quota of only 30 automobiles out of the total number to be
imported. I contended that this seemed to be entirely out of reason:
Lithuania has a favorable trade balance of 2,300,000 lits with the
United States; furthermore, many remittances to Lithuania from
Lithuanians residing in the United States increase this balance. Not
only from the point of view of equity, I argued, but also from that of
comity, (considering the interest which Lithuania must have in a coun-
try where almost a million Lithuanians reside), the United States
  Continued from Foreign Relation8, 1935, vol. iI, pp. 566-578.
  2 The Minister was accredited to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, with residence
at Riga, until August 9, 1937. Mr. Owen J. C. Norem was appointed Minister
Lithuania, only, on August 23, 1937.
  Not printed.
  *1934 180; 1935-150; 1936-231. [Footnote in the original.]

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