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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1936. The American Republics

El Salvador,   pp. 558-583 PDF (9.6 MB)

Page 558

  The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador (Corrigan)
No. 201                           WASHINGTON, February 27, 1936.
  SIR: The Department is giving consideration to the possibility of
making a matter of record in some way, in connection with the pro-
posed trade agreement with El Salvador, the concessions which the
latter will enjoy by virtue of generalization of concessions made by
the United States in other trade agreements but which cannot for
reasons of policy be included in Schedule 11 2 of the agreement. For
your information, a product cannot ordinarily be considered for inclu-
sion in Schedule II unless the country concerned is the chief or an im-
l)ortallt supplier of the product to the United States. In cases where
a commitment on an article has already been made by this Government
in another agreement, such commitment cannot ordinarily be written
into a second agreement unless there is adequate trade justification.
  The Department has been aware of the difficulty in the pending
trade agreement negotiations with the Latin American Republics of
finding products which can be, consistent with the policy outlined
above, included in Schedule II. The fact that such products are
limited in number (with most of them on the free list) may affect the
negotiations unfavorably or perhaps later militate against Con-
gressional ratification.
  The sutggestion has been made, therefore, that in connection with the
pending negotiations with the Latin American Republics notes be pre-
pared by this Government which will list those concessions of interest
to each of the other Governments selected from other trade agree-
ments but which cannot be written into Schedule II of the agree-
mients because of failure to meet the requirements referred to above.
The purpose of such notes would be to further the success of the
negotiations and after their conclusion, to aid in obtaining Congres-
sional ratification. It would be primarily an accommodation to the
various Governmnents with which we are negotiating.
1 Continued from Foreign Relations, 1935, vol. iv, pp. 539-568.
2Tariff rates conceded by the United States on Salvadoran products imported
into the United States.

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