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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1922

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711.21/672: Telegram
The Minister in Colombia (Philip) to the Secretary of State
BOGOTA, January 6, 1922-10 a.m.
[Received January 7-2 p.m.]
1. My cipher telegram December 24, 6 p.m.;2 your cipher telegram
December 31, 5 p. m.; 3 and your 19 of April 27, 5 p. m., 1921.4 Dr. An-
tonio Jose Uribe appointed 4th instant Minister for Foreign Affairs
conferring with me yesterday afternoon. In substance he said that
the Colombian Government is now ready to effect exchange of ratifica-
tions, which it is excessively desirous of doing at the earliest possible
date. Colombian law 56 of December 24, 1921 comprises only two ar-
ticles: Article 1 embodies original treaty text. They agree to our Sen-
ate amendments and resolution; article 2 provides that mention of the
note of Secretary of State, dated October 3, 1921,5 to Colombian Lega-
tion at Washington, which interprets Senate resolution, should be
made in resolution.
Dr. Uribe stated that his Government will employ the identical
form of ratification exchange copy as is employed by the Department
for all amended treaties, but that in the protocol of exchange to be
signed by the Colombian Minister for Foreign Affairs and myself
that it will insert the following:
" With reference to this exchange the following statement is incor-
porated in the present protocol in accordance with instructions re-
1. In conformity with the final resolution of the Senate of the
United States in giving its consent to the ratification to the treaty in
question, the stipulation contained in the first clause of article 1 by
which there is ceded to the Republic of Colombia free passage of its
troops, materials of war, and ships through the Panama Canal, shall
not be applicable in case of a state of war between the Republic of
Colombia and any other country.
2. The said final resolution of the Senate of the United States signi-
fies, as the Secretary of State stated in the note which he addressed to
the Colombian Legation in Washington on the 3rd day of October,
1921, 'that the Republic of Colombia will not enjoy the right of trans-
porting its troops, materials of war, and ships of war, free of tolls, in
case of war between Colombia and some other country, and conse-
quently, the Republic of Colombia will be placed, in this case, on the
1 For previous correspondence concerning treaty, see Foreign Relations, 1921,
vol. I, pp. 638 ff.
2Ibid., p. 644.
'Not printed.
'Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. I, p. 639.
'Ibid., p. 640.

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