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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1922

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711.74119/1 a,-
The Secretary of State to the Minister in Bulgaria (Wilson)
No. 1                        WASHINGTON, December 9, 1921.
SIR: As you are aware the Treaty of Neuilly was signed on
November 27, 1919 by the representatives of the Governments of
the United States and Bulgaria.' This Treaty, however, was not
ratified on the part of the United States. It has, therefore, been
deemed expedient, in view of the desirability of promoting friendly
relations, as well as to encourage commercial intercourse between the
two countries, to conclude a treaty between the two countries which
shall embody such portions of the Treaty of Neuilly as would seem
appropriate to the accomplishment of the above mentioned purposes.
The draft of such treaty is herewith transmitted to you.
You are directed to present this draft to the Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Bulgaria for the consideration of his Government, and
should it be found acceptable to that Government, you will sign the
treaty with the Bulgarian plenipotentiary. The President's full
power authorizing you to do so is enclosed.2
Should any modifications in the draft be proposed by the Bul-
garian Government, you will submit them to the Department for
its consideration and await its reply.
I am [etc.]                           CHARLES E. HUGHES
Draft of Treaty with Bulgaria
The United States of America and Bulgaria, desiring to promote
friendly relations and to regulate commercial intercourse between
the two countries, and believing that this may be accomplished
through an agreement with regard to the treaty of Neuilly which
was signed on November 27, 1919, and came into force according to
the terms of its Article 296 but has not been ratified by the United
1Text printed in S. Doc. 7, 67th Cong., Ist sess.
2 Not printed.

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