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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Honduras,   pp. 374-409 PDF (11.6 MB)

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Arbitrary Rule of President Bertrand; His Assumption of Dictatorial Powers,
July 17, 1919-Revolutionary Movement under Lopez Gutierrez-Repre-
sentations of the United States in Behalf of Free Elections; Proposal of
Good Offices, September 5-Resignation of Bertrand, September 9-Exercise
of Power by the Council of Ministers Assisted by the Diplomatic and
Consular Corps-Admonitions of the United States against Dictation by
L6pez Gutierrez-Installation of Bograin as Provisional President, October
5-Election of Lopez Gutierrez; Pronouncements of the United States
Recognizing His Election and Bograin's Tenure for the Unexpired Term
The Minister in Honduras (Jones) to the Acting Secretary of State
No. 137                     TEGUCIGALPA, February 17, 1919.
[Received March 8.]
SIR: I have the honor to refer to my cable message of the 16th
instant, 9 P.M.1 and to further call to your attention a situation
fraught with the most serious consequences, in the very near future.
He 2 has suspended the Constitutional guarantees; issued definite
instructions to Congress, Cabinet, Comandantes and every employee
of the Government.
He has not censored, but taken control of the Press, insofar as
concerns all political questions.
He has closed the Postal Department, the Telephone and Tele-
graph, the Highways, the Clubs, and Hotels, against his political
opponents. He has been open, frank, aggres[s]ive, defiant about it.
He has notified all Comandantes, all heads of the Schools, every
element of power and force, that it must yield promptly and affirm-
atively to his demands.
Only this morning, after my cable to you,3 Doctor Arturo Zelaya,
the Acting American Consular Agent at Amapala, named by and
with the President's consent, notified me that he had been directed
to report whether he was for or against Soriano.4
It seems that Soriano, who actually holds the rank of Colonel
in the Salvadorean Army, and his brother Andres Soriano (at
Not printed.
2 President Bertrand.
'Telegram of Feb. 16, 9 p.m.
4Nazario Soriano, brother-in-law of President Bertrand; candidate for the
Presidency of the Republic.

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