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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1916. Supplement, The World War

Official positions of principal persons mentioned in the correspondence,   pp. VII-XI ff. PDF (1.8 MB)

Page VII

Adee, Al'vey A -___             Second Assistant Secretary of State of the
United States.
Albert -  ____________          King of the Belgians.
Alfonso XIII- -                 King_ of Spain.
Ali Kuli Khan, Nabil-ed-Dovleh - Persian Charg6 d'Affaires at Washington.
Anderson, George E -U. S. Consul General at Hongkong.'
Andrews, William Whiting -      U. S. Secretary of Legation at Bucharest.
Asquith, Herbert Henry -Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Bailey, James G -----------     U. S. Secretary of Legation at Lisbon.
Baker, E. Carleton      -       U. S. Consul at Nagasaki.
Baker, Newton D-                Secretary- of War of the United States.
Bakhmdteff, George              Russian Ambassador at Washington.
Balfour, Arthur J      - -      First Lord of the British Admiralty prior
Dec. 11, 1916; Secretary of State for
Foreign Affairs after Dec. 11.
Barclay, Colville A. de R - __  Counselor of the British Embassy at Wash-
Barton, Rev. James L     -      Secretary of the American Board of Commis-
sioners for Foreign Missions and Chairman
'of the Board of Near East Relief.
Bassermann, Ernst -Member of the Reichstag; leader of the
National Liberals.
Benedict XV -                   The Pope.
Benson, William S -Admiral, U. S. Navy.
Bergholz, Leo Allen             U. S. Consul General at Dresden.
Bernstorff,'Johann Heinrich A., German Ambassador at Washington.
Count von.
Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald      German Imperial Chancellor and Prussian
Theodore Friedrich Alfred von.  Minister President.
Beyens, Baron E -         _ _ _ _   Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Bicknell, Ernest P      -       National Director, and Director General of
'Civilian Relief, of the American Red Cross.
Birch, Thomas Howard --. S. Minister in Portugal.
Bissing, Moritz Ferdinand, Baron  German Governor General in Belgium.
Bliss, Robert Woods -_-_-_____U. S. Counselor of Embassy at Paris.
Boardman, Mabel Thorp           Member of the Executive Committee of the
American Red Cross.
Brewster, William M -_-_-__     U. S. Consular Agent at Alexandretta,
Briand, Aristide -_---    _____President of the Council of Ministers and
Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.
Brittain, Joseph I     - - _-_______U. S. Consul General at Sydney, Australia.
Bryce, James, Viscount    - _______ Member of the British House of Lords;
Ambassador to the United States.
Bryn, Helmer Halvorsen -        Norwegian Minister at Washington.
Burian von Rajecs, Stephan, Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Baron.                          and -President of the Council of Ministers.
Burleson, Albert Sidney -_--__  U. S. Postmaster General.
Capelle, Eduard von -_--____  _ German Admiral and Secretary of State for
the Navy.
Cave, Sir George; -Solicitor General of Great Britain.
Cecil, Edgar Algernon Robert, Minister of Blockade and Under Secretary of
Viscount.                       State for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain.
Charles I (IV) _-__-     _-_--Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary
(Nov. 21 and Dec. 30, 1916, respectively).
Chinda,-Sutemi, Viscount.- ____Japanese Ambassador at Washington.
Churchill, Winston Spencer-     Member of the British Parliament.
Clemenceau,   Georges  Eugene   Former President of the French Council of
Benjamin.                       Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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