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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 3, 1907. (In two parts)

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[For alphabetical index, see end of Part II.] 
 Message of the President, annual. VII 
 List of papers with subject of correspondence LXXf 
 Circulars 1-45 
    Regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea 1 
    Expatriation 3 
    Registration of American citizens 6 
    Reports of fraudulent naturalization 8 
    Children of citizens born abroad 9 
    Registration of women who desire to resume or retain American citizenship
    Issuance of passports 13 
    Cruise of the Atlantic Fleet to the Pacific Coast 15 
 Argentine Republic 16—49 
 Revolutionary disturbances 16 
 Message of the President of the Argentine Republic to the Argentine Con
  gress 20 
 Boundary dispute between the Argentine Republic and Brazil 22 
 Rejection of shipment of deviled ham 23 
 Registration of the child of a diplomatic officer born abroad 38 
 Bonds of the Entre Rios Eastern Railway Company 39 
 Amendment of the Argentine customs regulations 40 
 Railway-concession law 42 
 Convention between Argentine Republic and the Republic of Uruguay, 
  concerning letters rogatory 47 
 Austria Hungary 50—67 
    Military service of Peter Szatkowski 50 
Request for the observance by the several States of the provision of Article
XVI of the consular convention concerning notice of deceased Austro 
  Hungarians in the United States whose heirs or executors are unknown. 52
 Universal suffrage in Austria 56 
 Foreigners killed or injured while in the service of the United States Gov
  ernment 58 
 Imperial speech to parliament 60 
 Copyright agreement with Austria 62 
 Admission of American meats into Austria 62 
 Belgium 68—84 
    Brussels Sugar Convention of March, 1902 68 
Emigration agents of South Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia in Europe -
Convention between Belgium and Sweden relative to property rights 76 
Discrimination against American products 77 
International convention for the regulation of the traffic of spirits in
Africa. 79 
Additional extradition treaty between Belgium and Great Britain 84 

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