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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 5, 1898

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[For Alphabetical Index see end of volume.I
Argentine Republic 1—9
   Argentine-Chile boundary dispute 1
   Settlement of the claim of Thomas Jefferson Page 4
   Clearance of Hawaiian vessels under American flag 5
Austria-Hungary  10—156
   Military service of Siegfried Abeles 10
   Military service of Peter Hornik 15
   Military service of Anton Guerra 16
   Military service of Herman Meller 23
   Laws relating to flag desecration 30
   Restriction of American fruit 32
   Assassination of the Empress 35
   Military service; case of Ignatz Gutman 37
   Killing of Austro-Hungarian subjects at Lattimer, Pa 46
Belgium 157—170
   Desecration of the national flag 157
   Importation of meats into Belgium 162
Bolivia 171'
   Asylum in legations 171
Central America 172—178
   Dissolution of the United States of Central America 172
Chile 179—181
   Chile-Argentine boundary dispute 179
China 182—244
   Russian occupation of Port Arthur and Talien Wan  182
   German occupation of Kiaochou 187
   British occupation of Chinese ports 190
   French occupation of Kwangchau Bay 191
   Riot at Chiang Pei Ting 191
   Citizenship of Chinese born in the United States 200
   Conference of missionaries at Chung King 204
   Protection of missionaries in China 208
   Residence of missionaries in Hunan 210
   State affairs in China 217
 Wives of foreign ministers at Peking received by the Empress Dowager  223
 Marine guard at the legation at Peking 225
Colombia 245—273
   Cerruti award - -  - 245
Dominican Republic 274—291
   Ozama Bridge claim 274
France 292—306
Reciprocal commercial agreement between the United States and France. 292
Germany 307—354
   Fruit of the United States in Germany 307
   Desecration of the national flag 346
   Expulsion of Mormon missionaries 347
Great Britain 355—386
   Protection of American interests by British vice-consul at Van 355
 Protection of American interests by British consul-general at Tabriz - -
- -  356
 Alaskan Relief Expedition, passage of, through Canadian territory, etc.
-  358
 Passports; evidence of citizenship required 363
 Tampa (Fla.) celebration of Queen's birthday; participation of British
  war vessel  - -.  363
 Canadian copyright  365

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