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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 1425

                                 No. 969.
                        Mr. Child to Mr. Bayard.
 No. 43.,                   LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
        Bangkok, Siam, September 22, 1887. (Received November 14.)
   SIRT: It gives me pleasure to forward you a proposed enactment of the
 Siamese Government in regard to trade.marks, with the accompanying
 letter of the acting foreign minister, requesting that it be submitted to
 the Government of the United States lfo apptoval. This is something
 thathas long been needed in Siam. Asiatiqs and others have been in
 the habit of using American and other nationalities' trade-marks to an
 unlimited extent, especially as regards American petroleum, prints, and
 cotton goods. Large quantities of the latter are sent here and to China
 of an inferior quality with standard trade-marks on them; an inferior
 article of pet-oleum is also extensively shipped here stamped with the
 best American trade-marks, and the country flooded with lamps made
 in Europe after American designs; all of which have a tendency to de-
 preciate American goods. The carrying out of this law will put a stop
 to further deception and have a tendency to restore American goods To
 a proper basis.
   At a meeting of the resident consuls in Bangkok objections were made
to the law on account of excessive fees charged for registration; also,
that it was indefinite in carrying out its provisions. While recognizing
the necessity of the law, it was thought that the law of trade-marks in
each country should be the basis of carrying out the law here, which, if
done, would render it a nullity.
       I have, etc.
                                                    JACOB T. CHILD.
                       [Inclosure I in No. 43-Translation,]
                     Phya Bhaskarawongse to Mr. Child.
                                                    FOREIGN OFFICE,
                                                Bangkok, September 9,1887.
  MR. MINISTER: I have the honor to inclose copy of a draught law for the
and registration of trade-marks in Siam, with the request that you will be
kind enough
to procure the assent of your Government to the same, in order that the law
may be
put in force without unnecessary delay. Recent experience has shown the urgent
need of some law of this kind, and it is hoped that your Government*will
lend its
assistance in the matter, by undertaking to enforce its provisions, in the
case of all
persons who are*under your consular jurisdiction in Siam.
  If, however, there should be any objection on the part of your Government
to the
proposed law, or any part thereof, I beg you to inform me of the same.
     With the assurances, etc.,
                                                PHYA BHASKARAWONGSE.
       H. Ex. 1, pt. 1-90

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