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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 975

                                  No. 603.
                        Mr. iayard to    fr. Curr.
                                           l.DEPAUTMENI' OF STATE,
  O. 141.1                              Washingto, November 23, 1886,
  SIR: ] transmit, with a reference to previous instructions concerning
the vexatious impediments which the Cuban passport system, oppoRe
to beneficial and enlarged intercourse between our respective pora
copy of a dispatch from the consul-general at Havana.
  It is to be noted that with one exception the instances cited by Mr.
Williams relate to the issue of Spanish passports to persons quitting
the island. Our correspondence heretofore has had reference to the
demand for United States passports for all persons going from our shores
to qnba.
                              [Inelosure in No. 141,
                          Mr, Williams to Mr. Porter.
 No. 512.1                          UNITED STATES COXSULATE-GENER~ALI
                            oHavana, November9, 1886. (Received November
1 .)
   S!n: I beg most respectfully to call the attention of the Department to
the several
 within "inlosures, all going to show the inconveniences to which American
 as well as American shipping and discharged American sailors are subjected
in tlhJ
 1,ty by the operations of'the passport system enforced by the island government.
 Inclosure No. I is the English translation of a letter that I addressed
on-the 29th
 ultimo to the civil governor of the province, presenting the case of twoAmerican
 itizens, Mr   ntony P. Hmilton and Mr. Christopher Ahrens, who arrived here
 NewTYork the day ,previous in the American steamer Niagara on their way
to Vera
 O"us. On these Americans going to buy their tickets for the continuation
of their
 voyage to Vera Cruz, as passengers in the Spanish steamer .Reina Mercedes,
.they wet
 refused passage by the agent until they could present passports from the
civil author-
 ities of the city, notwithstanding same authorities had allowed them to
enter the
 city without passports. In this dilemma these citizens called at this office
for assist-
 ance. This I rendered by officially explaining the case, and asking for
the issuance
 of passports in my note addressed'to the civil governor, as above cited.
   After considerable delay and inconvenience to these two Americans, and
upon the
 payment of $4 gold each, passports were issued allowing them to continue
their voy-
 age to Mexico.
   Inclosure No. 2 is copy of a certificate under form 24 of the Department
of State,
 dated -he 30th ultimo, and given under my signature and the seal of this
office, to
 Mr, Frank Stevens, the master of the American steamer Manhattan, for six
 :ischarged at Matantas by Consul Pierce, from the American bark Deda 4 Clark
 of 1~avpswei, Me., and sent to me to be forwarded home to some port in the
 Stateas. Although the Manhattan is an American ship, and the seamen are
also Amer-
 icans, and this consulate-general likewise, yet the consignees objected
to taking the
                                  *                                  975

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