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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 935

                              No. 567.
                     Mr. Lewis to Mr. Bayard.
NO. 88.]                 LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                      Lisbon, March 29, 1887. (Received April 11.)
  Sim: I have the honor to transmit inclosed an official copy and trans-
lation thereof of the protocol of a treaty* between Portugal and China.
Whilst the former Government has been in possession of Macoa for over
three hundred years, there has never been a treaty between the two
  I am informed by Mr. Campbell, the agent for the Chinese Govern.
ment, that the treaty will be ratified in the course of the next three
      I have, etc.,                                 R E.P.C. LEwis.
                              No. 568.
                      Mr. Bayard to Mr. Lewis.
No. 52.]                            DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                        Washington, May 13, 1887.
  Sip.: In my Ko. 23 of the 16th December, 1885, I called your atten.
tion to the case of Mr. C. E. D. Griffith,'who had been made to pay a pass.
port tax by the Portuguese consul at Boston before sailing for the
Azores, to which youreplied in your No. 52 that passports were not ex-
acted from travelers from Europe to the Azores, but only from those
from American ports. This manifestly unjust discrimination against
this country should be protested against as such with every fresh case
which occurs until remedied.
  I now send you a somewhat similar case as given in a letter of the
6th instant from Mr. Henry Watson, who incloses a notice furnished to
him by the agents of the ship on which he intends to sail for the Azores
on the 12th instant, as follows:  -
  Passengers bound for the Azores must provide themselves before sailing"
with Por-
tug-aese passports, which can be obtained of the Portuguese vice-consul,
136 Congress
street, Boston.
  The fee for these documents is $3.30, which, in addition to the $5 al-
ready paid by Mr. Watson for his passport, obtained from this Depart-
ment, and which was thus rendered superfluous, amounts to a heavy'
tax on the traveler. This Government has never questioned the pro.
priety of a visa at a moderate charge apposed by a foreign consul to
an American passport, and Such a practice still prevails in some Euro-
pean countries, but the present case appears to altogether ignore the
passports issued by this Government, which are documents generally
                       *Published page 218, eupra.

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