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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / The executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the fiftieth Congress. 1887-'88

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Page 271

                                   No. 224.
                        Mr. MeLane to Mr. Bay'ard.
No. 298.1                     LEGATION OF THEI UNITED STATES,
                      Paris, October 20, 1886,    (Received November 2.)
   SIR: I have the honor to send herewith two printed copies of the
treaty between France and certain native tribes of Lberia, referred to
-in Mr. Vignaud's dispatch No. 267, of August 23.
        I have, etc.,
                            UOnT. M. M CLANE0,
                         [TInlosure in No, 298.--Translationj]
 [Ministry of Marine and of the Colonies.'-Service of the Colonies.--Coloial
Arehlves.--epot of
 Public Papers of the Colonies, created by edict of the month of June, 1776.-Extract
from thedodec-
 ments preserved in the Colonial Archives.-French Empire.-Naval Division
of the western Coasts
 of Africa.J
 Treaty entered into with Man., sing of Little-1Briby; Bika, King of Baeha;
and Damba;.
                            Gue, King of Grand, Briby.
  Man6, King of Little B6riby ; Couba, his brother and successor; Rika, King
of Basha
  and Bassa-W.appoo; Damba-Gu6, King-of Grand-B6riby, and allthe chiefs of
the coun-
  tries subject to their authority, having manifested their desire to open
  relations with France, and, to that end, ask to place themselves under
the sovereignty
.ofHis Majesty Napoleon III, Emperor of the French.,,
  We, Crespin (Vraneois-Eugene), lieutenant of marine, commanding the steam
  vice-boat The Benaudin, acting conformably to the instructions of Viscount
  de Langle, rear-admiral, com mander-in-chief of the naval division of the
  coasts of Africa," and commnandau' superior of the establishments
on the cold Coast
  and the Gaboon, have concluded, in the name of His Majesty the Emperor,
and in
  presence of the undersignel witnesses, with the aforesaid Kings, of Little
Blrlby, of
  Basba, and of Grand B6riby, the treaty of the following tep0or:
                                  ARTICLE 1.
   The King of Little Bfribý, the King of Basba, and the King of Grand
BJ6riby cede to
 His Majesty the Emperor of the French the full and entire sovereignty of
all the ter-
 ritory subject to their authority, comprehended between Point Basha on the
west to
 theriver Nahno, at the head of the Bay of Grand B6riby, on the east. The
 shall then have alone the right to raise their flag and to create all the
 or fortifications they shall judge useful or necessary, in buying the lands
of the actual
                                  ARTICLE 2.
  The Kings engage, moreover, to cede gratuitously and in full to France,
when they
  are requested by the captain of the man-of-war which shall have received
the per-
  mission, the land necessary (at least A2 square miles) for the creation
of military estab-
  lishments which will be necessary when the French Goverflment shall give
orders for
  the occupation of the country. Tbe captain, furnished with orders to establish:
  office, shall be free to choose the place which shall seem to him most
convenient to
  t ,up this establishment.
                  . .. . .. .. . 271

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