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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the forty-seventh Congress, 1880-'81

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Page 990

990                       FOREIGN RELATIONS.
                          COUNCIL OF MINISTERS.
  At its session to-day, Wednesday, April 22, 1881, taking into consideration
the re-
port of the minister of the interior, No. 1725;
  Having in view the note of our legation at Rome, No. 59, in which it is
shown that
France and Italy have prohibited the importation of pork from America, for
the reason
that American pork has been shown to contain trichinim
  Considering that in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Greece the importation
of American pork is no longer permitted;
  Considering that it is impossible to examine microscopically every article
of food
imported from abroad, containing the flesh or other parts of swine;
  Considering that such American l4ork, the importation of which is forbidden
in the
countries above mentioned, may be introduced into Roumania, directly as well'as
rectly, and thus endanger the lives of the consumers of such pork, as well
as influence
in an unfavorable way our export commerce in swine and their products, thus
iting with our rivals the commerce of Roumania in swine, which has begun
to take a
great development;
  Having in view the opinion given by the superior medical gouncil in its
minute, No.
178, in the present case:
  The council of ministers, admitting the opinion of the said medical council
in the minute cited, resolves to prohibit the importation into Roumania of
pork and
of all alimentary preparations into which the flesh, blood, lard, or intestines
of pork
enter, coming from America, England, Turkey, or Russia.
  The disposition of the present minute will be carried out by the minister
of the in-
terior, after being approved by His Majesty the King.
                                                    D. BR&TIANO.
                                                    Genesal SLANICEANO.
                                                    EUG. STATESCO.
                                                    Colonel DABIJA.
                                                    M. PHERYKIDE.
                                                    V. A. URECHIA.
  No. 1.
                                 No. 603.
                         Mr. Foster to Mr. lEvarts.
No. 48.1                    LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                 St. Petersburg, October 20, 1880.   (Received Nov. 11.)
   SIR: It becomes my unpleasant duty to report another case of the
enforcement against an- American citizen of the order prohibiting for-
eign Jews to reside in St. Petersburg. The first knowledge which I had
of the fact was obtained through a letter from Mr. White, our minister
in Berlin, a copy of which and of my reply thereto I herewith inclose.
   From Mr. White's letter it will be seen that Mr. Marx Wilczynski, a
citizen of the United States, having a passport issued in due form by
the legation at Berlin, came to Russia on business as the agent of an
American mercantile firm. On the 25th (13th) of last month he was
ordered to leave St. Petersburg, the reason alleged for said order being
that he was a Jew; and the following indorsement was placed upon
his passport by the police authorities.
  The bearer of this passport, a North American citizen, a merchant and a
Jew, Marx
Wilczynski, is forbidden to reside in St. Petersburg.
  September 13, 1880.
  Chief of section :
                                                         P. SAPCIENTRE.

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