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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the first session of the forty-seventh Congress, 1880-'81

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Page 976

976                    FOREIGN RELATIONS.
  I hope to hand my letter to your excellency to-morrow, when I shall
again earnestly call your excellency's attention to a situation which has
probably no other solution than the resolute intervention of your excel.
lency's government in order to make constitutional government in Peru,
and a lasting peace in South America, possible.
  I have the honor to renew to your excellency the assurances of my
highest and most distinguished consideration.
                                                 J. F. ELMORE.
                              No. 594.
                    .Se$or Elmore to the President.
                                       PERUVIAN LEGATION,
                                    Washingqton, November 19, 1881.
  Mr. PRESIDENT: Although every foreign minister accredited to the
chief of state enjoys the privilege of conferring with the sovereign or
President upon the affairs of his own country, I have seldom asked for
that honor, being, on principle, opposed to molesting the head of the na-
tion, generally overburdened with too many cares and attentions. But
it is not every day (if it ever occurred before in history) that when hostili-
ties have ceased to exist, for nearly a year, the victorious government of
one of the belligerents commits the stupendous outrage of taking and
carrying off the recognized and unoffending President and secretary of
state of the other belligerent. This, Mr. President, is what the Chilian
Government has done with the President and the minister of foreign
relations of Peru.
  Such an event, and the complicated state of affairs in South America,
authorize me, I think, and make it a solemn duty on my part, to request
your excellency to grant me the high privilege of a short interview,
when I wish to thank your excellency for all the good your excellency's
government has done and is doing for my cointry, and also to per-
sonally explain some facts and events.
  Your excellency would confer on me a lasting obligation by letting
me know on what da-y and hour I may have the honor of calling upon
your excellency.
  I beg to offer to you, Mr. President, the assurances of my profound
respect and most.distinguished consideration.
                                                 J. F. ELMORE.
                              No. 595.
                     Mr. Moran to Mr. Blaine.
No. 380.]                  LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                      -Lisbon, July 25, 1881. (Received August 22.)
  SIR.- I have had the honor to receive your No. 211, in which I am in-
structed to impress forcibly upon His Majesty's Government the un-
necessary and vexatious nature of the decree prohibiting the introduc-
tion of American pork into Portugal,' and to endeavor to reinstate this
important product in the estimation of the Portuguese, and, in obedience

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