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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the forty-fifth Congress, 1877-'78

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Page 462

462                       FOREIGN RELATIONS.
excellency of the intention of the Navy Department to send a vessel
to Lisbon, not later than November next, to begin observations touch-.
ing the telegraphic longitudes of South America; and at the same time,
in compliance with your instructions, conveyed to him the thanks of
the Navy Department for the courteous co-operation of the Portuguese
Government in this useful work.
   I inclose a copy of the letter in question, and am, sir, &c..
                                               BENJAMIN MORAN.
                                      LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                                                      Lisbon, May.26, 1877.
  MONSIEUR LE MINISTRE: I had the honor to address a letter to your excellency's
decessor, Mr. Corvo, on the 19th of December last, requesting the co-operation
of His
Most Faithful Majesty's government with the United States Navy Department
in de-
termining telegraphically from Paris the longitudes of both coasts of South
  I received from Mr. Corvo a most cordial reply, dated 10th of January ultimo,
ing co-operation, and stating that orders had been given to that effect.
I further re-
ceived from your excellency a note, dated the Sth of last March, informing
me that
instructions had already been given to the proper officers in the Azores,
Madeira, and
continental Portugal to render assistance to the United States Navy in this
  I communicated both these letters to my government, and I have now the
honor, in
compliance with their instructions, to offer the sincere thanks of the Navy
ment of the United States for the courteous assent of the Portuguese Qovernment
their proposals.
  I am desired, however, to add'that the Secretary of the Navy does not propose
commence taking observations until next November, when he will send a vessel
Lisbon for that purpose.
  I avail myself of this opportunity of renewing to0your excellency the assuranics
my highest consideration.
                                                     BENJAMIN MORAN.
           Miinister and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
                                  No. 263.
                         Mr. Boker to Mr. Fish.
No. 89.]                    LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
               St. Petersburg, October 9, 1876. (Received October 26.)
  SIRp: According to your instructions No. 53, 1 have the honor to trans-
mit herewith information concerning the-Life-Saving Society of Russia,
furnished through the courtesy of Admiral Possiet, its president, and
of Captain Baronoff, chief inspector of the association.    *   *   *   *
The first life-saving system was established in 1865, and comprised but
five stations. This was purely a governmental affair, and continued
with very limited apparatus until 1872, when the present system was
inaugurated by private enterprise, under sanction of the government,
and for the past two years aided by it.
  Supported by voluntary contributions the income amounts annually
to 120,000 roubles ($84,000 United States currency), including, however,
an annual subscription of 25,000 roubles ($17,500 in United States cur-
rency) from the government. The Society is nuder the especial patronage

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