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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the forty-fifth Congress, 1877-'78

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Page 451

                                No. 253.
                         Mr. Fish to Mr. Moran.
No. 62.]                             DEPARTMENT OF STATE,
                                       Washington, November 28, 1876.
  Sip: I inclose a copy of a letter of the Secretary of the Navy, dated
the 18th instant, in which he suggests the desirability of the co-opera-
tion of the Governments of Portugal and Brazil in the determination,
telegraphically from Paris, of the longitudes of both coasts of South
  You are requested to present the suggestion of the Navy Department
to the Government of Portugal, and to.inform me of its reply at your
early convenience.
  Au instruction similar to this will be addressed to the minister at Rio
de Janeiro.
       I am, &c.,
                                                  HAMILTON FISH.
                           Mr. Robeson to Mr. Fish.
                     WASHINGTON, November 18, 1876. (Received November 19.)
  SIR: For the purpose of adding to the safety of navigation, it seems desirable
the longitudes of both coasts of South America should be determined telegraphically
from Paris, and that the Portuguese and Brazilian Governments should be invited
co-operate with a sufficient force belonging to'Our Navy to. attain that
  Should one or both of the governments be pleased to co-operate, our naval
would take up the work at any point or points desired by them in the Atlantic,
at Lisbon, the island of Maderia, the Azores, or Rio de Janeiro, and would
continue the
work across the continent and along the western coast of South America, wherever
telegraphic line might exist, and with the approval, concurrence, and such
aid as Chili
and Peru might be disposed to render.
  Should either of the governments find it inconvenient to co-operate and
be disposed
  to allow our naval parties the necessary facilities, as has been cordially
done by several
  governments in the West Indies, the work will be executed by us at the
earliest period
that may be found practicable by this department.
      I am, &c.,
                                                     GEO. M. ROBESON.
                                 No. 254.
                         Mr. Moran to Mr. Fish.
 No. 104.]                    LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
                 Lisbon, November 30, 1876. (Received December 26.)
   SIR: The death, recently, of Field-Marshal the Duke of Saldanha,
 Portuguese envoy near the court of St. James, has caused much regret,,-
 in Portugal among nearly all classes, and as he was prominent in the
 military and political movements of his country for more than sixty
 years, I venture to report his death, and to forward herewith sketches of
 his remarkable career, taken from the London Times and the Jornal do
 Commercio, of Lisbon.

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