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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the forty-fifth Congress, 1877-'78

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Page 44

44                          FOREIGN     RELATIONS.
in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Upper Austria, Bukovina; weak middling (almost
in Galicia,.
   The harvest of oats is now, with scarcely an exception, completed, and
presents a
 good return.
   Maize has made great progress during the present period. Having generally
 favored by the weather it has attained a stately height and has everywhere
 ears. Its condition justifies, in the west provinces of the empire, the
hope of a good
 crop, and in Hungary it has also materially improved.
   Potatoes and beets, in the western half of the empire, are for the most
part in ex-
 cellent condition. In the eastern they suffer partially through drought;
still, most.
 gratifying intelligence has been received from that quarter. Potato-rot
is observed,
 not only in Silesia and West Galicia, but also in some localities of Moravia,
 Austria, and Gorizia.
   Hops have just been plucked in Bohemia, but not yet in Galicia. By Postelberg
 and abundant and perfect umbels are found, while in Wittingau the harvest
is esti-
 mated at only one-half. Good crops are promised in Galicia, Upper and Lower
 Wine has lately made satisfactory progress. In consequence of repeated rains
 rious evils have occurred. Especially the grape fungus (oidium) has affected
the vines,
 and has not only extended into Southern Tyro!, Istria, and Dalmatia, but
also into
 Vorarlberg, Gorizia, and Croatia. Moreover, the "1Brenner," which
has prevailed for
 some past months in Southern Tyrol has planted itself in Gorizia. Further,
in Dalma-
 tia the "tortrix," and in Istria, the "1black rot,"
has appeared; finally, the decay of
 single grapes occasionally shows itself.
   In the last-named provinces the anticipated hopes of an abundant vintage
may be
 somewhat diminished. In Lower Austria and Styria, however, the prospects
of a good
 middling vintage are maintained, and in Hungary-the grapes, where not overabun-
 dant, show a very good development.
                                    No. 37.
                           Mr. Merrill to Mr. Fish.
No. 57]                        LEGATION OF THE UNITED           STATES,
                       Brussels, October 3, 1876. (Received October 17.)
   SIR: I have the honor to inclose herewith an extract from the Moni-
teur Belge, (with translation of the same,) in reference to the geograph-
ical congress lately held in this city, the subject being the explora-
tion of Central Africa.
        I have, &c.,
                                                         A. P. MERRILL.
                              [Inclosure. -Tran slation.]
                          [Extract from the Moniteur Belge.]
  The deliberations of the geographical conference, which met at the palace
of Brus-
sels from the 12th to the 14th, are resumed in two papers, of which the following
the tenor:
                       I.-DECLARATON OF THE CONFERENCE.
  To attain the object of the international conference at Brussels, that
is to say, to ex-
plore scientifically the unknown parts of Africa, to facilitate the opening
of ways by
which civilization-may penetrate into the interior of the continent, and
find the means
of suppressing the slave-trade among the negroes of Africa, we must--
  1st. Organize on a common international plan the exploration of the unknown
of Afr'ica, limiting the parts to be explored to the east and the west by
the two oceans,

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