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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Indochina (in two parts)

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                       LIST OF PERSONS
  EDITOR'S NoTE.-Throughout this volume, individuals generally are identified
in context as their names appear. This list is designed to provide ready
for identification of those persons mentioned most frequently. The identification
of the persons on this list is generally limited to positions and circumstances
under reference in the volume and is confined to the years 1952-1954. All
and positions are American unless otherwise indicated. Where no dates are
the individual usually held the position throughout the period covered by
ACHESON, Dean, Secretary of State to January 20, 1953.
ACHILLEs, Theodore C., Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy in France from
    April 1, 1952; Minister of the Embassy in France from August 25, 1954.
ADAMS, Sherman, Assistant to the President from January 20, 1953.
ALDRICH, Winthrop W., Ambassador in the United Kingdom from February 20,
ALLEN, George V., Ambassador in Yugoslavia to March 11, 1953; Ambassador
    India from May 4, 1953.
ALLISON, John M., Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs,
    'to January 31, 1952; Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs,
    February 1, 1952-April 7, 19,53; Ambassador in Japan from May 28, 1953.
ANDERSON, Robert B., Secretary of the Navy from February 4, 1953; Deputy
    Secretary of Defense from May 3, 1954.
ARMSTRONG, W. Park, Special Assistant for Intelligence, Department of State.
AURIOL, Vincent, President of France to December 24, 1953.
BAO DAI, Chief -of State of Vietnam.
BIDAULT, Georges, French Minister of National Defense to March 8, 1952;
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, January 8, 1953-June 18, 1954; Head of the
    French Delegation to the Geneva Conference, April 26-June 18, 1954.
BOHLEN, Charles E., Counselor of the Department of State and Member, Senior
    Staff, National Security Council, to March 1953; Ambassador in the Soviet
    Union from April 20, 1953.
BONBRIGHT, James C. H., Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European
    Affairs; from April 1954, Special Assistant to the Permanent Representative
    in Europe.
BONESTEEL, Brigadier General Charles H., III, USA (Colonel to January 24,
    Assistant for National Security Council Affairs, Department of Defense,
    Defense Member -on the NSC Planning Board, from June 1953.
BONNET, Henri, French Ambassador in the United States.
BONSAL, Philip W., Counselor of Embassy in France to March 1952; Director
    the Office of Philippine and Southeast Asian Affairs, Department of State,
    from August 1952.
BowiE, Robert R., Director of the Policy Planning Staff, Department of State,
    and State Member on the National Security Council Planning Board from
    May 18, 1953.
BRADLEY, General of the Army Omar N., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    to August 14, 1953.
BRINK, Brigadier General Francis G., USA, Chief, United S~tates Military
    ance Advisory Group, Indochina; died June 24, 1952.
BRucE, David K. E., Ambassador in France to March 10, 1952; Under Secretary
    of State, April 1, 1952-January 20, 1953; Consultant to the Secretary
    State to February 18, 1953; thereafter, Observer at the Interim Committee
    -of the European Defense Community at Paris, and Representative to the
    European Coal and Steel Community.
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