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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Western European Security (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. XI-XV ff. PDF (1.6 MB)

Page XI

  EDITOR'S NoTE.-This list does not include standard abbreviations in common
usage; unusual abbreviations of rare occurrence which are clarified at appro-
priate points; and those abbreviations and contractions which, although un-
common, are understandable from the context.
AA, anti-aircraft
ACC, Allied   Control Council for
Actel, series indicator for telegrams
  from Secretary of State Acheson
  while away from Washington
AFP, Agence France Prease (French
  Press Agency)
AGSec, Allied General Secretariat,
  Allied High Commission for Ger-
ARC, Allied High Commission for
AMG, Allied Military Government
ANZUS, Australia, New     Zealand,
  United States
AR, Annual Review
Aramco, Arabian American Oil Com-
ARC, Annual Review Committee
ARQ, Annual Review Questionnaire
ARS, Action Republicain et Sociale
  (French Political Party)
ASDIC, Anti-Submarine    Detection
  Investigation Committee
ASIC, Associated States of Indochina
AWX, type of airplane
Benelux, Belgium, the Netherlands,
BHE, Bund der Heimatvertriebenen
  und Bntrechteten (League of Ex-
  pellees and Disfranchised)
BNA, Office of British Commonwealth
  and Northern European Affairs, De-
  partment of State
BOB, Bureau of the Budget
C, Counselor of the Department of
ca, circular airgram
Cab, Cabinet
CD, Council Deputies
CDTU, Christlich-Demokratische Union
  (Christian. Democratic-Union)
CFM, Council of Foreign Ministers
CGIL, Confederazione Generale Ital-
  iana del Lavoro (General Confed-
  eration of Labor in Italy)
Chanc, Chancellor
CHANCOM, Channel Command
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
CIC, Commander in Chief
CINC,, Commander in Chief
CINCAAFCE, Commander in Chief,
  Allied Air Forces, Central Europe
CINC(AF)MED, Commander in Chief,
  Allied Forces, Mediterranean
CINCALFCE, Commander in Chief,
  Allied Land Forces, Central Europe
CINCEUR, Commander in        Chief,
CINCNELM, Commander in Chief,
  United States Naval Forces, East-
  ern Atlantic and Mediterranean
CINCNorth, Commander in Chief, Al-
  lied Forces, Northern Europe
CINCSouth, Commander in Chief, Al-
  lied Forces, Southern Europe
CNO, Chief of Naval Operations
Coled, series indicator for telegrams
  from the United States Observer to
  the Interim Committee of the Euro-
  pean Defense Community
Colux, series indicator for telegrams
  from the United States Chiefs of
  Mission meeting at Luxembourg,
  September 18-19, 1953
Contel, Consulate telegram
Cotel, Country Team telegram
CP, Communist Party
CPF, Communist Party of France
CSC, Coal and Steel Community
CSU,    Christlich S oziale  Union
  (Christian Social Union)
CY, calendar year

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