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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1952-1954. Volume IV: the American republics

Brazil,   pp. 570-665 PDF (32.9 MB)

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                         STATES AND BRAZIL' 
                            Editorial Note 
   On January 3, 1952, the Brazilian Government issued decree no. 
 30363 establishing new regulations governing the return of foreign 
 capital invested in Brazil and profit remittances on such capital. Under
 the provisions of the decree, a firm's profit remittances were limited to
 8 percent annually on capital actually brought into Brazil (registered 
 capital). Remitted profits in excess of 8 percent were to be regarded as
 "capital", and the remittance of capital was limited to 20 percent
 nually of the registered amount. A translation of the decree was trans-
 mitted to the Department of State under cover of despatch 1098, from 
 Rio de Janeiro, dated January 5, 1952 (800.05132/1-552). 
 Continued from Foreign Relations, 1951, vol. ii, pp. 1184 ff. 
                            Editorial Note 
  On January 3, 1952, representatives of the United States and Brazil 
initiated negotiations at Rio de Janeiro for a bilateral military 
assistance agreement. Pertinent documents are in Department of State 
file 732.5 MSP. The agreement was signed on March 15, 1952, and entered 
into force on May 19, 1953; for text, see Department of State Treaties and
Other International Acts Series (TIAS), No. 2776, or United States Treaties
and Other International Agreements (UST), volume 4, page 170. 
  Concurrent with the negotiations for the military assistance agree- 
ment, Major General Charles L. Mullins, Jr. (USA) negotiated a related bi-
lateral military plan with representatives of the Brazilian Government. 
In telegram 829, a joint Department of State-Department of Defense 
message, dated March 14, 1952, Secretary Acheson informed Ambas- 
sador Johnson that Secretary of Defense Lovett had approved the mili- 
tary plan negotiated by General Mullins (732.5 MSP/3-1452). On 
March 15, General Mullins and Brazilian General of the Army Pedro 
Aur6lio G6es Monteiro signed the Military Plan Between Brazil and 
the United States for Their Common Defense, in a private ceremony 

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