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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1951. Asia and the Pacific (in two parts)

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. V-X PDF (1.9 MB)

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  EDITOR'S NOTE.m-This list does not include standard abbreviations in common
usage; unusual abbreviations of rare occurrence which are clarified at appropriate
points; and those abbreviations and contractions which, although uncommon,
are understandable from the context.
AAA, anti-aircraft artillery
ACJ, Allied Council for Japan
AFC, Air Force Cross (British)
AFL, American Federation of Labor
AFP, Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFPFL, Anti-Fascist People's Free-
  dom  League
AMC, Additional Measures Committee
  of the United Nations
ANETA, Algemeen Nieuws en. Tele-
  graaf  Agentschap, a  semi-official
  Dutch News Agency
Anzac, Australia-New Zealand
AP, Associated Press
AR, Office of Regional American
  Affairs, Department of State
ARA, Bureau of Inter-American Af-
  fairs, Department of State
AS, Associated States
ASW, anti-submarine warfare
AW, automatic weapons
BCP, Burmese Communist Party
BCT, battalion combat team
BFO, Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Over-
   leg (Federal Consultative Assembly)
 BIS, Bank for International Settle-
 BNA, Office of British Commonwealth
   and  Northern  European  Affairs,
   Department of State
 BOT, Board of Trade (British)
 BPM, De Bataafsche N. V. Petro-
   leum Maatschappij, a joint Dutch-
   British oil consortium in which
   participation was 60-40
 Brit Emb, British Embassy
 BST, bilateral security treaty (United
 BWPP, Burmese Workers' and Peas-
   ants' Party
 CA, Constituent Assembly
CA, Office of Chinese Affairs, Depart-
  ment of State
Caltex, California Texas Oil Company,
CB, Companion of the Bath (British)
CBE, Commander, Order of the British
CFM, Council of Foreign Ministers
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
C-in-C, Commander in Chief
CINCFE, Commander in Chief, Far
CINCPAC, Commander in        Chief,
CINCPacFlt, Commander in Chief,
  Pacific Fleet
CINCUNC, Commander in        Chief,
  United Nations Command
CIO, Congress of Industrial Organiza-
Cominform, Communist Information
Commcen,    communications   center
ComNavFE,     Commander,    United
   States Naval Forces in the Far East
Contel, Consulate telegram
Cosan, series indicator for telegrams
   from the United States Delegation at
   the Japanese Peace Conference in
   San Francisco to the Department of
 CP, Communist Party
 CPB, Communist Party of Burma
 CPG, Central People's Government
   (People's Republic of China)
 CPIC, Communist Party of Indochina
 CPP, Philippine Communist Party
 CRO, Commonwealth Relations Office
 CSUSA, Chief of Staff, United States

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