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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Eastern Europe; the Soviet Union

Romania,   pp. 521-544 PDF (10.5 MB)

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                      STATES AND ROMANIA
              Department of State Policy Statement'
SECRET                           [WASHINGTON,] January 14, 1949.
                           A. OBJECTIVES
  The long-range objectives of US policy concerning Rumania are (1)
recovery by Rumania of truly independent statehood with freedom
to conduct its relations with other states; (2) constructive integration
of Rumania, politically and economically, into a stable and peaceful
Balkan community of -similarly free states, into a well-coordinated
European community and- into the world community of: nations; (3)
reestablishment in Rumania of a regime based upon law rather than
upon the arbitrary authority of dictatorial government; (4) enjoy-
ment by the Rumanian people of human rights and fundamental free-
doms; (5) opportunity for the Rumanian peoples to develop through
free institutions along genuinely democratic lines, to participate freely
in political activities' and to choose a broadly representative govern-
ment responsive to their will;( (6):a healthy, expanding R umanian
economy involving an active and broad extension of commercial rela-
tions and assuring to American interests an equal opportunity with
those of any other country.
   Because until some major change in international power relation-
ships occurs there is virtually no possibility that the foregoing objec-
tives may be attained, US policy concerning Rumania includes certain
limited goals established with a view to existing circumstances. These
short-term objectives of US policy toward Rumania are (1) protec-
tion, so far as possible in the circumstances, of American interests in
   1Department of State Policy Statements were concise documents summarizing
 the current United States policy toward a country or region, the, relations
 that country or region with the principal powers, and the issues and trends
 that country-or region. The Statements provided information and guidance
 officers in missions abroad. The Statements were generally prepared by ad
 working groups in the responsible geographic offices of the Department of
 State and were referred to appropriate diplomatic missions abroad for comment
 and criticism. The Statements were periodically revised.

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