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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Eastern Europe; the Soviet Union

Finland,   pp. 434-450 PDF (6.6 MB)

Page 434

 Secretary's Memoranda, Lot 53D444, March 1949
 Memorandum    by the Director of the Ofice of European Affairs
               (Hickerson) to the Secretary of State2
TOP SECRET                            [WASHINGTON,] March 1, 1949.
Subject: Finland-Background in Connection with World Bank
  The World Bank is considering extending a loan to Finland and
in this connection has asked for our judgment on whether Finland
is likely to be taken over by the Soviet Union in the near future, espe-
cially in view of Soviet opposition to the participation of Scandi-
navian countries in the North Atlan-tic Pact.3
  Finland has been reduced to military ineffectiveness by the Peace
Treaty and could be taken over physically almost at will by Russia.
The obvious world reaction acts as a strong deterrent and is undoubt-
edly the basis of the Soviet policy of friendship toward Finland
repeatedly expressed by Stalin. Under the Finnish-Soviet Mutual
Defense Pact signed April 6, 1948, the two countries are to confer if
either is threatened by an armed attack by Germany or any state allied
with the latter. Russia could call for a consultation with the Finns
at any time on the ground that it is threatened by the North Atlantic
Pact and could insist on bases in Finland in addition to the Porkkala
Naval Base granted by the Peace Treaty.
  Since the Social Democratic Government headed by Fagerholm'4
took office last July, succeeding a coalition governmant in which Com-
munists held several cabinet posts, the Soviet propaganda pressure on
Finland has been stepped up and is likely to increase in intensity,
particularly when the North Atlantic Pact is signed.
  'For previous documentation on this topic, see Foreign Relations, 1948,
vol. iv,
pp. 759 ff.
  2The source text was initialed by Secretary Acheson. A copy of this memo-
randum, which was drafted by Benjamin M. Hulley, Chief of the Division of
Northern European Affairs, is included in the Department of State's Central
Files under 860D.00/3-149. The source text was attached to Carter's memo-
randum to the Secretary, March 3, infra.
  For documentation on the negotiations leading to the conclusion of the
Atlantic Treaty Organization, see vol iv, pp. Iff.
  'Finnish Prime Minister Karl-August Fagerholm.

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