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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Eastern Europe; the Soviet Union

Albania,   pp. 298-325 PDF (10.8 MB)

Page 298

 875.00/4--2949,: Telegram
    The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State
 TOP SECRET                              PARIS, April 29, 1949-7 p. m.
   1746. ReDeptel 1349, April 27.2 Foreign Office has limited detailed
 or statistical material Albania and regards it as being developed into
 strategically important Soviet outpost between       Yugoslavia and
 Greece, with complete political, economic and military Soviet control
 of country through 4000 Soviet civilian technicians and 1300 Soviet
 military, latter to train Albanian army of 25-30,000 men which is re-
 ceiving extensive Soviet equipment.
   Political control is exercised through Hoxha regime, Moscow's man
 being Shehu,3 Interior Minister and official successor to Hloxha.4
   Soviet economic control, which prior to Tito's break with Comin-
 form had been exercised by Yugoslavia, is total. All Yugoslav tech-
 nicians have been removed and their Russian replacements total 4000.
 Furthermore, USSR has practical monopoly Albanian foreign trade,
 supplying latter by sea not only with necessary food imports without
 which she would starve but also apparently with fertilizers, tractors,
 railway and other industrial equipment denoting a real effort, whether
 propaganda or substantive, to create modern state entirely dependent
 on USSR. Regular liaison with USSR other than by sea limited to
 one fortnightly Soviet airplane passing over and hence subject con-
 trol of Yugoslavia.
   Cultural and educational control in hands USSR which replaces
   'Additional materials regarding 'the attitude of the United States toward
bania are included in the documentation on the Greek civil war and the efforts
to resolve the dispute between Greece and Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Albania,
presented in volume vi.
  2Not printed; it requested the Embassy in Paris to obtain from 'the French
Foreign Ministry as soon as possible such information as .was available from
French Legation in Albania regarding the current economic, military, and
cal situation in Albania with specific details as to ,the degree of Soviet
  'Maj. Gen. Mehmet Shehu, Albanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister
of Interior; Member of the Politburo and Secretary of the Secretariatt of
Albanian Workers' Party.
  IGeneral Enver Htoxha, Albanian Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Minister of Defense, and Commander in Chief ; Secretary General of the Albanian
Workers' Party (the Communist Party of Albania).

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