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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Far East and Australasia

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          Policy Statement of the Department of State
SECRET                             [WASnINGTON,] August 18, 1948.
                            A. OBJECTIVES
  The fundamental objectives of US policy toward Australia are:
  (1) to maintain and strengthen the close ties of friendship which exist
between the United States and Australia; (2) to encourage Australia,
as an independent member of the British Commonwealth and as a
friendly military power, to collaborate closely with us on matters of
mutual concern, especially in the Pacific; 1 and (3) to encourage the
economic development of Australia and the growth of her foreign
trade in accordance with the principles of the ITO Charter and, in
such a manner as to further the economic recovery of Great Britain.
                          B. POLICY ISSUES
   Relations between the United States and Australia, which have
 always been friendly, became very close during World War II when
 the two countries cooperated to the fullest in the common war effort.
 We have welcomed the gradual development of Australia's independ-
 ence of action in the field of international relations and it is on a basis
 of an individual and independent country that we now conduct rela-
 tions with Australia. It is our policy to collaborate as closely as pos-
 sible with Australia on world affairs and to encourage the Australians
 to Icooperate with us-on matters of mutual concern, and it is our desire
 that the close military cooperation which grew out of the associations
 of the war shall continue. We recognize that Australia occupies an
 important geographic position and is inhabited by a people whose way
 of life and whose political ideology is similar to our own.
   Documentation on United States efforts to resolve certain differences
 Australia concerning disposal of war surplus materials land fixed military
 lations in the Southwest Pacific is in Department file 847.24FL0. For documenta-
 tion on disputed islands and base rights, see pp. 16 ff.

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