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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1920

Dominican Republic,   pp. 110-173 PDF (22.7 MB)

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Progress of Reforms under the Military Government-Decision by the
United States to Initiate Measures for Withdrawal from the Government
of the Republic; Proclamation of December 23, 1920-Political and Economic
Embarrassments of the Military Governor
The Secretary of State to the Charge des Affaires 2 in the Dominican
Repulblic (Brewer)
No. 350                             WASHINGTON, June 3, 1920.
SIR: From a study of the situation in the Dominican Republic,
the Department is convinced that one of the important steps in the
further progress of the country is the formulation and ultimate
enactment of certain basic laws, especially those relating to elections,
education and sanitation. It is, therefore, a matter of very great
importance that definite steps be taken without delay toward the f or-
mulation of such legislation.
The Department is convinced that it would have an excellent effect,
not only in Santo Domingo but throughout Latin America, if, as a
first step, the Military Government were to appoint a commission
composed of the leading men of Santo Domingo, and entrust this
commission with the formulation of the above mentioned legislation
and such other laws as may be deemed essential. It is understood,
of course, that the report of this commission would in no sense be
binding upon the Military Government. For this reason the Depart-
ment feels that it would be best to confine this commission exclu-
sively to citizens of the Dominican Republic.
You are therefore directed to take up this matter with the Military
Governor and to secure a decision with the least possible delay.
The Department has been in consultation with Mr. Russell 3 with
reference to this matter, and he has suggested that the commission
be selected from the following list of persons.
Continued from Foreign Relations, 1919, vol. ri, pp. 98-145.
2 Designation used for a clerk left in charge of a legation or embassy.
3illiam W. Russell, Minister in the Dominican Republic; at that time in
the United States.

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