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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, 1919

Dominican Republic,   pp. 98-170 PDF (26.3 MB)

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Informal Discussions of Policy with Former Provisional President Henriquez
y Carvajal-Reports of the Military Governor 2-Establishment of an Ad-
visory Council of Dominicans
The Consul at Santo Domingo (Edwards), Temporarily in Charge
of the Legation in the Dominican Republic, to the Acting Secre-
tary of State
No. 439                    SANTO DOMINGO, March 23, 1919.
[Received April 3.]
SIR: I have the honor to invite the Department's attention to the
present status of the very active and rather wide spread propaganda
in behalf of the restoration of Dominican independence which is
being directed by Dr. Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal, Provisional
President at the time of the American intervention.
It is known that Dr. Henriquez left Santiago de Cuba on Feb-
ruary 15 last for Havana whence he was to sail for Paris with the
purpose of bringing to the attention of the peace conferees the
present political status of the Dominican Republic, its right to the
consideration of the world and to the restoration of its independence.
Several " juntas " have been organized throughout Cuba, includ-
ing in their membership many prominent Dominicans and friendly
Cubans. Several Cuban newspapers evince their sympathy with the
movement by the publication of laudatory articles and editorials.
A considerable fund has been raised in Santiago de Cuba and other
cities to defray the expenses of the " delegacion especial ", the
of which it is understood, of course, will be Dr. Henriquez. It is,
indeed, reported that the Doctor is now in Paris, although I have
not been able to secure a confirmation of the report.
While I venture to assume that the Department is fully aware
of this movement and has kept in touch with its progress, it may
be interesting to relate what are said to be the arguments the Doc-
tor will use in presenting his appeal. While eulogizing President
1 Continued from Foreign Relations, 1918, pp. 359-371.
'A general survey of conditions and accomplishments through the year 1919
is given in the booklet Sa'nto Domingo, Its Past and Its Present Condition,
published by the Military Government, Jan. 1, 1920.

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