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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the address of the president to Congress December 2, 1913

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  IIIrt~i o~ 
[For alphabetical index, see end o~ volume.] 
Address of the President, annual . Ix 
List of papers, in chronological order, with subjects of correspondence_
   Certificates of inspection of nursery stock I 
   International rifle-shooting tournament 1 
   Plant quarantine act 2 
   Expatriation of naturalized citizens 3 
   Speech of Senator Elihu Root in the Senate, January 16, 1913, re 
     pudiating sentiments attributed to him in relation to Latin 
     America 4 
 Declaration of policy with regard to Latin America 7 
 Peace plan of the President 8 
   Prohibition of importation of aigrettes, egret plumes, etc 12 
   Invitation to the Panama-Pacific International Expostion to be held 
     at San Francsco in 1915 13 
Presentation of a statue of George Washington to Argentina by Amer 
     lean citizens resident there 15 
   Naturalization convention of 1871 violated by the arrest and impris 
     onment in Austi~a-Hungary of naturalized American citizens on the 
     charge of evasion of military service .21 
   Message of the President, Marshal Hermes H. da Fonseca, to the 
     Congress 24 
Extradition treaty of 1897 and protocols of 1898 and 1903 between 
  the United States and Brazil, terminated by Brazil, July 23, 1913~. 25
 Proposal by Brazil of a special agreement with the United States 
  regulating the prosecution of counterfeiters when not subject to 
  extradition 37 
   Valorization of coffee 39 
   Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Doctor Lauro S. 
     Muller, to the United States. 67 
   Judicial process issued in Bulgaria for service in th~ United ,States_
   Extraterritorial rights and most-favored-nation treatment of the 
     United States in Bulgaria 76 
   War with Turkey. (See Turkey.) 
   War between Bulgaria and Greece, Servia, Montenegro and Rou 
     mani~_. 78 
   The Tacna-Arica dispute with Peru. (See Peru.) 

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