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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 3, 1907. (In two parts)

Colombia,   pp. 282-295 PDF (5.4 MB)

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File No. 5025/3. 
Chargé Heirnké to the Secretary of State. 
   Bogota, April 9, 1907. 
 SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith, in duplicate, a pamphlet containing
the mes~age of the President of the Republic of Colombia addressed to the
National Constituent and Legislative Assembly (which met in this city on
the 1st instant), besides the reports made to that body by the ministers
of the cabinet. 
 I have translated and transmit herewith, in duplicate, the aforementioned
message, and (also in duplicate) that portion of the report made to the assembly
by the minister for foreign affairs (p. 33 of the pamphlet) wherein he refers
to the existing relations between Colombia and the United States. 
 Summarizing the other portions ~f the report of the minister for foreign
affairs, in speaking of the Holy See, he says, principally, that the papal
delegation at this capital has left nothing undone to cultivate and maintain
harmonious relations between the Government and the church; that through
opportune foresight the Holy See had obtained the best possible organization
of the dioceses and vicarages, toward which the Government had lent its proper
cooperation, and that much is due to the apostolic delegate here for his
efforts toward the creation of good feeling among the masses and for his
labors in the interests of peace and concord. 
 Concerning Ecuador, the minister refers to a pending treaty of friendship,
commerce, and navigation between that country and Colombia, signed at Quito
on the 10th of August, 1905, in substitution for the treaty of 1856 between
those countries, which is regarded as practically obsolete, and that the
principal feature of the new treaty is the reciprocal free trade between
Ecuador and Colombia. Another one spoken of in connection with Ecuador is
the Andrade-Betancourt treaty concerning Colombia's boundary question, which
was submitted to the Emperor of Germany for arbitration and is lacking only
the formality of its return, while a third treaty, or telegraph convention,
signed in the city on the 5th of May, 1906, the exchange of which is awaited,
relates to reciprocal rates, or tolls, etc., in connection with the transmission
of telegrams between points in Ecuador and Venezuela through Colombian territory
and vice versa, and between Ecuador and Colombia. 

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