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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 7, 1903

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[For alphabetical index see end of volume.] 
Message of the President vii 
List of papers, with subjects of correspondence XLIV 
Circular: Recognition of the Republic of Panama LXXXIII 
Argentine Republic 143 
   "Monroe doctrine," and diplomatic claims of European powers 1 
   Message of President of Argentine Republic 7 
Austria-Hungary 14—20 
   Status and powers of commercial agents of the United States 14 
Admission of United States corporations to engage in business in Austria-
  Hungary 17 
 Right and method of renunciation of United States citizenship 19 
Bulgaria 21—23 
   Establishment of diplomatic relations with Bulgaria 21 
Brazil 24—43 
"Monroe doctrine," and diplomatic claims of European powers. Comments on
note of Argentine Government to the Government of the 
  United States 24 
 Treaty and protocol between the United States and Brazil for the extradi
  tion of criminals 27 
 Message of President of Brazil to Brazilian Congress 33 
 Free navigation of the Amazon River 36 
China 44—122 
Citizenship of Chinese and Japanese women matrièd to United States
 citizens 4 
Manchuria—Correspondence concerning open ports, evacuation by Rus 
 sia, etc 46 
Expiatory monument erected in memory of Baron von Ketteler, late Im 
 perial German minister to China 77 
 Rebellious movements, Brigandage, etc 79 
Right of consuls engaged in business to take part in deliberations of con
  sular body 82 
 Consular jurisdiction in Chinese territory leased to Russia 84 
- Right of United States war vessels to visit Chinese inland naters 85 
  Treaty between the United States and China for the extension of the com
   mercial relations between them 91 
  Rights of foreigners in Peking 119 
Colombia 123—349 
Attitude of Colombian Government toward United States missionary 
  schools 123 
 Mob attacks on Syrians naturalized citizens of the United States 127 
 Adoption of gold standard by Colombia 130 
~ Correspondence concerning the convention between the TJnited States and
Colombia for the construction of an interoceanic canal across the 
 Isthmus of Panama 132 
~—' ~ Revolution on the Isthmus of Panama arid establishment of independent
     Republic 230 
—.-~ Reception of imnister of Panama 245 
._~ Instructions to naval and- consular officers concerning freedom of transit
 across Isthmus 247 
~ Message from the President of the United States transmitting additional
correspondence relative to the revolution on the Isthmus of Panama - - 252

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