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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States, with the annual message of the president transmitted to Congress December 2, 1902

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Page 565

J1&. Francis to 27fr. hay. 
No. 53, Greek series.] LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES, 
At/tens, Februam,' 1, 1902. 
 Sin: I have the honor to report that the European squadron of the U. S.
Navy, consisting of the U. S. S. Ghicago, Albany, and Xas/tviUe, under command
of Rear-Admiral Cromwell, arrived at Pirtuus January 23 and remained at that
port until to-day, when it sailed for Palermo. 
 The visit of the American war ships to Greek waters elicited much favorable
comment, and Admiral Cromwell and his officers were the recipients of marked
social attentions during their stay here. They were formally presented by
me to their majesties the King and Queen of Greece on ~January 27. The following
evening the annual dinner was given at the palace in honor of the United
States legation, to which Admiral Cromwell and nine of his officers were
invited. The King and Queen, accompanied by Prince Andreas, visited the flagship
Uhicaqo on January 31. 
 in conversation with the American minister Their Majesties expressed great
pleasure at the presence of United States war vessels in the harbor of Pirt~us
and said they hoped similar visits by representatives of our Navy would be
more frequent in the future than they had been in the past. 
 I have, etc., CHARLES S. FRANCIS. 
M~. Francis to Mr. Hay. 
Athens, February 6, 1902. 
 Sin: The recent visit of the European squadron of United States war ships
to Hellenic waters has produced much favorable comment among the Greeks,
whose sentiments have been widely published in the press of Athens. The general
tenor of such expression may be understood from the following translation
of a leading editorial that appeared in the Embros of February 1: 
 The American squadron, which has been for some days our guest at Pirreus,
leaves to-day. It is the first time that the Stars and Stripes have waved
in Greece over so many war ships. The sailors on these ships, as well as
the millions of their compatriots who live beyond the seas, may be sure their
glorious flag never waved in a more friendly port than Pirmeus. Our nation
has welcomed with great pleasure the American officers and their men, and
as they depart bestows upon them their 

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