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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1901, affairs in China

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Page 383

Agreement between Great Britain and Germany relating to troubles in 
text--------------...-------------------------------------- .------- 31 
views of United States Government--------.------------------------ 31 
Allotment of land, forts, and buildings at Shamhaikwan for a semiperma- 
nent garrison. (See Military measures.) 
Ammunition. (See Prohibition of arms, etc.) 
Amortization: plan of; annex 13 to final protocol ..-----------------------328
Amoy: international concession at. (See Concession.) 
Annexes to protocol. (See Protocol, final.) 
Arbitral tribunal: 
Mr. Rockhill proposed to submit question of.Chinese indemnity to The 
Hague.-------------------------.                  ..--------------------------------
Mr. Hill approves above proposal.........----------------------------226,374
Archives of the Tsungli Yamen. (See Tsungli Yamen.) 
Arms. (See Prohibition of.) 
Cemeteries: list of, desecrated (annex 10 to final protocol)---------------325
Ceremonial, court: 
discussions of reform in-------------------------120, 121, 122, 132, 160
Mr. Rockhill transmits full correspondence with Chinese plenipoten- 
tiaries relating to audiences of foreign representatives with the 
Emperor--------w-------.-----------------------------------188, 279, 291
memorandum on ceremonial to be followed in solemn audiences (annex 
19 to final protocol)------.-------------------.------------------ 338 
Cessation of hostilities: 
proposal of Li Hung-chang for.. ..     .  .   ..--------------------------------15-16
conditions under which United States will consider------------------ 16 
Chang Yin-huan: posthumous honors for..    .    .  .    ..--------------------------
Chinese foreign office. (See Foreign office, Chinese.) 
Ching, Prince: order of privy council to proceed to Peking to negotiate 
with powers...----------------------------------------------  21 
(See'also Plenipotentiaries of China.) 
Christians, native: indemnity for wrongs and losses .......................
Commercial privileges: Mr. Rockhill transmits correspondence with Yangtze
viceroys on the subject.-.-.--..-----------------.---------------- 170 
Commercial treaties. (See Treaties.) 
Commissioner to China. (See Rockhill, W. W.) 
Commission, international, for the conversion of the tariff: objections of
Great Britain------------------------------  .   ---------------299 
Concession, international, at Amoy: Mr. Rockhill transmits correspondence
in regard to..   .   .   .   ..--------------------------.-----------------------
Conservancy of the Whangpu. (See Whangpu River.) 
Court ceremonial. (See Ceremonial, court.) 
Degradation of Major Siao, of the Chinese army, because of his kindness to
Diplomatic quarter at Peking. (See Legation quarter.) 

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