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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Index to the executive documents of the House of Representatives for the second session of the fiftieth Congress, 1888-'90

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Page 1318

                                   No. 882.
                          Mr. Bell to Mr. Bayard.
 No. 262.]                   LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
    The tHague, Netherlands, August 24, 1887. (Received September 5.)
    SIR: Referring to my No. 243, of April 18 last, with reference to the
 complaint of Mr. E. R. Connell respecting his enrollment for military
 service at Batavia, I have now the honor to transmit herewith for the
 consideration of the Department a translation of the Peply of the
 foreign office here, with the original document mentioned therein and
 described as the report of the lieutenant-colonel commanding the
 schuttery at Batavia.
   As there seems to be an issue of fact involved as to whether Mr. Cou-
 nell is permanently established at Batavia, I have deemed it prudent to
 submit the whole subject to the Department for further instruction.
        I have, etc.,
                                                       ISAAC BELL, JR.
                        [Inclosure 1 in No. 262. -Translation.]
                          Mr. Karnebeek to Mr. Bell.
                                         MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS,
                                                  The Hague, August 20, 1887.
  Mr. MINISTER: In referring to my communication of the 2d of May, No. 3898,
  have the honor. to apprize you that according to that which I have learned
from the
  minister of the colonies the inquiry instituted in the Netherlands Indies
in relation
  to the obligation of Mr. E. R. Connell to serve in the "schuttery"
at Batavia has
demonstrated that the complaint presented on this subject by the said individual
entirely unfounded.
  I permit myself to refer in this connection to the contents of a detailed
report of
the lieutenant-colonel commanding the civil guard at Batavia, of the 9th
of June, of
which you will find inclosed herewith a translation in the English language.
  You will be good enough to observe, Mr. Minister, from this statement that
Connell is compelled by the terms of the provisions of existing legislation
to serve in
the civil guard the same as all Dutch and foreign inhabitants of the Dutch
  Still the authorities have always extended to him all the consideration
  It is, moreover, undeniable that Mr. Connell should be considered as an
of the Netherlands Indies. considering that by decree of the governor-general
of the
the 12th of November, 1886, No. 10, he has obtained the authorization required
law to establish himself in this colony.
     Accept, etc.,

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